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Petition Prayers To Help Find Lost Items

Prayer Losing something can be more than an inconvenience—it can be a real trial. It can be of monetary value and something you just can’t afford to lose. It might be of sentimental value, and being without it just breaks your heart.

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No matter how trivial an item might seem to others, if it was important to you, you shouldn’t just let it go without making every effort to find it. When you’ve exhausted your mundane efforts, sometimes the only option left is to put it in the hands of a Higher Power.


Petition prayers are basically prayers that ask for favors. You can go about a petition prayer very simply and spontaneously by praying, “Please God (or your Higher Power), help me find my (name of object).”

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There are also more formal, ritualistic ways of being about petition prayers. Some people believe that by adding the additional formality you are putting additional energy and emotion into that prayer to show just how important the request is.


Most commonly, people direct petition prayers to their Higher Power—God, a Goddess, Jesus, Allah, etc., however you envision the Divine Spirit. Someone who is less religious may choose to direct a petition prayer simply to the Divine Source or the universal energies that are the essence of life.

Still others prefer to direct their petitions at others. Catholics often venerate and appeal to Saints for such purposes. Saint Anthony is the patron saint of lost articles. Others may appeal to spirit guides, angels, guardian spirits or even animal spirits.

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No one can tell you to whom or to what you should direct your prayers—this is a personal choice. But the recipient of your prayers should be an entity or energy with which you feel you have a relationship.


The best way to make a formal petition is by writing down your prayer. There are prayers already out there that you can search for, such as novenas to saints, ready for you to print out.

The best prayers, however, often come from the heart. The best approach, in that case, may be to simply sit with pen and paper. Write about what your object meant to you and why you feel it’s so important you get it back. Put in your pleas and requests, giving honor to the spirit you’re addressing.

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Set aside a special time to petition with your prayer. Go someplace such as your church during hours in which there are no services, someplace private in your home, or perhaps outdoors to a natural spot with which you feel closer to your Higher Power.

If you like, set up a small altar with a candle, some flowers and incense.

Go with a sincere mind and heart. Sit and meditate on your Higher Power for a while. When you’re ready, pull out your prayer petition and read it. You can read it in your mind, or aloud—just know you’ll be heard.

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It’s important to give honor and thanks to your Higher Power. You should offer your gratitude even if you don’t find your lost item.

You may make a donation to a charity, or volunteer some of your time. You might help someone else who is in need of a favor.

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Some people like to put ‘thank you’ notices in newspapers; this takes a monetary sacrifice, and also inspires others who might be seeking help. You might make an offering to your Higher Power, such as a basket of fruit or a home-baked loaf of bread. Anything from the heart will be well received.

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