Personal Experiences with Ghosts reader Monica shares her ghost story.

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A collection of events spanning the author’s lifetime begin with hearing someone call her name when she was a young child and seeing shadow type figures as an adult. In two instances, odd things occurred when the family home underwent renovations.

All my life I have been seeing ghosts, or what I believe to be ghosts, and having strange things happen to me. Here are a few stories…

When I was very young, about 5 or so, my family and I moved into a new house that was very run down and needed a lot of fixing up. When we started construction on the house, weird things happened to me.

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I heard that when you change or do construction on a building that a spirit is inhabiting, they don’t like it because they don’t understand what is going on, and they become upset. I admit I was young when it happened, but it was such a horrific time for me, I remember it vividly.

I even asked my mom about certain events and she confirmed them, and she was shocked that I remembered them so well.

The first thing was I would be sitting in the living room alone playing, everyone else would be outside or at work, and I could hear a womans voice, not my mother or my sister, calling my name. It never scared me, I would usually answer it but it never answered back, it would just say my name over and over.

The next strange thing is that I would be asleep in my crib and the bottom of my crib would collapse on one side. It happened several times, and my dad said that he would fix it, nail several supports to make sure it didn’t happen again, but it always did and in the morning, the nails or screws that he put in it would be taken out.

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That’s when my parents decided to put me on the bottom bunk of my brothers bed. Thats when the next strange thing would happen. I would be asleep and I would get woken up by the feeling of someone sitting on the bed, and then I could feel my pajamas moving like someone was pinching and pulling at them.

Then the buttons on my pajama tops would come flying off one by one. I would usually going screaming and crying into my parents room or try to close my eyes and pretend it wasn’t happening. My mom collected all of my buttons and have them in a jar still to this day, so I know it wasn’t a dream.

The next thing is that really scared me and my parents and led to us moving out of the house for my safety. I was still using a pacifier at the time, and my parents were trying to break me of using it, but I would search the house until I found it.

One morning, I had woken up and found it sitting on the top of my dresser and went to grab it, but something really didn’t want me to have it. The dresser completely tipped over and fell on top of me.

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The dresser was short enough to where I could have grabbed anything from the top of it without climbing on it, and I didn’t climb on it, also it weighed over a hundred pounds and was very wide, so no 30 pound child could have the strength to pull it down.

My parents had no way to explain it other than something paranormal had done it. It freaked them out and we moved, but that didn’t stop the strange things from happening to me.

We moved two more times before something else happened. I was 12 at the time. Before we moved into the new house, we knew that the owners 14 year old son had died there and they couldn’t stand to be there anymore.

I was a little scared to move in, knowing that I would be staying in his room, and remembered my past experiences. Once again, my parents started renovating the house, and weird things started up again.

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One night, I woke up with the feeling of someone watching me, I opened my eyes, and I saw a dark figure hovering over me. I stared at it in shock and it slowly sank towards me and disappeared. It scared me so bad I was paralyzed for a few moments. This happened several times while I lived there, so I know that wasn’t a dream either. I also experienced a full-bodied apparition twice.

The first time I was sitting at the computer in our office located between our entrance to the garage and the kitchen. It was around 1 in the morning and all of the lights were off except for the computer screen.

I looked over towards the door to the garage and I saw a boy standing there staring at me. He had no emotion on his face, he was just staring. I blinked and he was still there, so I looked at the computer and back again, and he was gone.

The second time I saw him, I was sitting on my bed in the dark, watching tv, again at 1 am. I wasn’t looking directly at him when he appeared at the corner of my eye in front of my closet. I looked over and he was standing there facing my wall across the room.

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He never looked at me, and he sort of floated across the room through the wall and disappeared. I say he floated because he had no legs, just a torso.

I thought maybe I was seeing things because the first time, I was staring at a computer screen for a long period of time, and the second time I was watching tv for a while and thought my eyes were messed up from that, but it was the same boy both times, and I had my eyes on him for a extended period of time before he disappeared. I don’t know how to explain it.

I also had a picture of an angel on my wall, and a few times, I thought I saw it move and change facial expressions, it was kind of creepy. I also saw a lot of shadows and heard voices in this house, which really creeped me out.

Since then I have gotten married and moved into an apartment with my husband. I thought I would be safe from ghosts or weird things in an apartment, I don’t know why, but of course, I was wrong. It is almost to the point where I feel like I attract them or something. So from day one strange things have been happening.

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It started with moving shadows, but I just thought it was because my eyes are going bad, until my husband started seeing them too. We call them gremlins because they are small black shadow balls, about a foot high, that zip around our floor very quickly.

I’ve seen them in the kitchen and the hallway before, and one day we were both watching a movie, and I saw one move across the living room floor, but didn’t say anything because at the time my husband didn’t know that I had been seeing things and I didn’t want to make him think I was crazy. To my surprise, he kind of jumped and said: “what the **** was that”?!

I asked him what he saw, and he said he saw a black ball just move across the floor. That’s when I let him know that I had been seeing them all the time. That was probably a bad idea because he is very skittish.

He hates the thought of ghosts, and I love watching the ghost hunter shows on tv, but he won’t let me watch them when he is home because it freaks him out and he can’t sleep.

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I never really get scared when things happen unless I feel threatened. I am more accepting of ghosts than he is. He says he doesn’t believe in ghosts, but everytime he comes running from the other room saying that he saw another gremlin, he obviously does.

I have had more scary experiences here though too. I have been home alone at night watching tv, when the broom up against the wall in our kitchen, pushed itself across the floor, and fell over at the carpet, it scared me because it was dark, I was alone and it came out of no where.

I have had another black misty figure hover over me in the middle of the night, but this time I closed my eyes because I didn’t want to be paralized with fear again. I don’t know what the figure is or why it does this to me, but it is really concerning me now, I should probably look into it.

Another thing is I opened my eyes in the morning, it was full daylight coming in from the window, and I saw a woman with something around her neck, hanging from the closet. I was in shock at what I was seeing so I blinked to make sure it wasn’t my eyes, but it was still there.

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I closed my eyes and rolled over and woke up my husband and told him to look at the closet and see if anything was weird. He said there wasn’t, so I looked again and it was gone. It really scared me and I tried to research if anybody had ever hung themselves in my area, but I couldn’t find anything. Im still looking into it.

The last thing really scared me because it actually touched me. First off I will tell you, my husband usually wakes me up before he leaves for work around 7 am by grabbing my foot and shaking it and says bye to me.

One night I felt someone grab both of my feet, and I assumed it was him and he was going to say bye. I never heard him say anything and all of a sudden I felt my ankles getting pushed into the bed at full force, almost like he was trying to break them.

I screamed out in pain and opened my eyes and it was only 2 am, still dark, and my husband was still asleep next to me. I panicked because I still couldn’t move my legs and I could see my feet beind pushed into the bed. It hurt so bad, I woke up my husband screaming for help, but as soon as he jumped up, it stopped.

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I was crying I was so scared and I explained what had happened. He freaked out and he hasn’t really been able to sleep because hes afraid its going to happen again and he thinks as long as he is awake, it won’t happen again. I know it was real because there were bruises on my ankles the next day. I wish I had taken pictures.

My husband thinks something weird is happening because of our downstairs neighbors. They are very strange people with witchcraft things and tapestries in their windows, and when we were walking by their door one day, it was open and she was sitting on the floor facing away from us on a rug of some kind that had what looked like the satan pentagram with the upside-down goat on it, doing some sort of crazy ritual, saying things in another language.

It freaked us out and my husband thinks that since we are above them, that whatever they are doing is bringing the spirits into our apartment. We are still contimplating whether to move apartments or tell someone whats going on and get them kicked out (but in that case we are afraid of them putting some creepy hex on us).

So that’s my story. I hope you enjoyed it.

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