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People in Black with a UFO ball were caught on the door camera

The UFO research organization MUFON has acquired doorbell camera footage depicting individuals believed to be the Men in Black, accompanied by a UFO.

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This video was recorded on September 20, 2023, at 10:45 AM, in an undisclosed city. According to the individual who submitted the video, the incident occurred at their mother’s residence, which is equipped with a surveillance camera capturing images of visitors at the front door.

Upon reviewing the footage and spotting two unknown men, the homeowner initially assumed that they might be visiting her children. However, when she contacted her children and showed them the video, they disclaimed any knowledge of the individuals.

It was only then that a motionless UFO sphere became visible in the video, hovering behind the individual farthest from the camera. The UFO sphere seemingly materialized out of nowhere at the start of the recording and remained visible until the video’s conclusion.

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It remains unclear whether the UFO vanished when the men departed.

The two men, dressed in dark suits and sunglasses, persistently knocked on the door and engaged in hushed conversation with each other, although their words were inaudible.

The residence was unoccupied at the time, yet the homeowner swiftly received a smartphone notification containing the video footage of the strangers’ visit.

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The woman’s son suspected that these mysterious men bore a resemblance to the infamous Men in Black, who are often associated with individuals who claim to have encountered UFOs or extraterrestrial beings. These enigmatic figures typically request that witnesses remain silent about their experiences.

It remains uncertain whether the woman was an eyewitness to a UFO sighting or if she was visited by government officials. The true nature of the peculiar metallic-shaded sphere remains entirely perplexing.

Notably, this video was shared online by the controversial ufologist Scott Waring. In Waring’s perspective, this represents an exceedingly rare instance in which the Men in Black were captured on surveillance footage, and he speculates that the accompanying UFO sphere could be some form of surveillance drone.

Waring further posits that the Men in Black may not exclusively visit UFO witnesses but also track individuals who claim to have been abducted by aliens and implanted with “tracking chips.” In such cases, the victims themselves may have no recollection of their abductions.

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