Pentagon’s religious beliefs halted alien research, claims UFO researcher

The Pentagon blocked UFO research because “they thought aliens were demons.” The strong hand of religious fundamentalism in US political circles is actively hindering UFO research – and science in general.

Leading UFO researcher Ron James made a surprising statement that the Pentagon command is preventing alien research because of its religious beliefs.

According to Ron, high-ranking officials in the US government fear that the aliens are actually demons.

He claims that there is a significant group of people within the Pentagon who oppose the work of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) because they believe that the unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) reported by the US military are controlled by creatures from hell.

Ron James, director of media relations for the research group MUFON, said Luis Elizondo, former head of AATIP, told him about this opposition. Elizondo said that “it was not just a small voice in the Pentagon… but a huge group of people who believed that the phenomenon that was observed was demonic.”

It was the fundamentalist Christian lobby within the US defense establishment that reportedly prevented Elizondo from securing funding for the program.

Interestingly, belief in UFOs and the literal truth of the Bible, as Ron points out, are not completely incompatible.

Ron interviewed US Congressman Tim Burchett, who was convinced that the biblical story of Ezekiel building the wheel could be interpreted as a spaceship. Ron also mentions that His Holiness the Pope has officially recognized the existence of life on other planets.

However, Ron argues that religious fundamentalism in US political circles is actively hindering UFO research and science in general. Ron cites the example of his conversation with researcher John Brandenburg, who said that extreme fundamentalism controls the distribution of resources and attention in academia.

While some authorities dismiss the possibility that UFOs originated from another planet, Ron offers an alternative theory. He refers to Burt Goldman, who introduced the concept of the “quantum leap.”

According to Goldman, through special meditations, mental exercises and visualization techniques, people can connect with alternative versions of themselves and even reclaim something from these realities.

Although the connection between these alternate realities and the existence of demons flying through our skies in flying saucers has not been directly mentioned, Ron suggests that UFOs may be from another universe.

Throughout human history, religious beliefs have often conflicted with scientific discoveries. An example is the conflict between Galileo Galilei and the Catholic Church in the 17th century.

Galileo’s heliocentric model of the solar system refuted the church’s geocentric view, leading to Galileo’s conviction for heresy. This historical event emphasizes the need for a harmonious relationship between science and religion, where each can develop without interfering with the other.

Religious beliefs should not interfere with scientific research, but, on the contrary, should arouse curiosity and awe. The existence of extraterrestrial life does not challenge religious belief, but rather expands our understanding of God’s creation.

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