Pentagon report warns US is unable to defend against UFOs

A secret document has revealed that the Pentagon is worried about the possibility of UFOs attacking the US and the world, reports

The document, which was made public by the Office of Inspector General (OIG), says that the US does not have enough resources to track and analyze unidentified flying objects (UFOs) that could pose a danger to the military and national security.

The document is titled “Evaluation of the DoD’s Actions Regarding Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena” and it states that UFOs, whether they are from another planet or not, are a serious threat that needs more attention.

The document acknowledges that it is very hard to prepare for an attack from an unknown enemy with unknown capabilities and intentions. It also admits that it is possible that some UFOs could be invisible or undetectable by current technology.

“DoD efforts to identify and understand UAP has been irregular because of competing priorities, lack of substantive progress, and inconclusive findings. However, military pilots have continued to report UAP incidents despite the sporadic efforts of the DoD to identify, report, and analyze the events.”

“The DoD has not issued a comprehensive UAP response plan that identifies roles, responsibilities, requirements, and coordination procedures for detecting, reporting, collecting, analyzing, and identifying UAP incidents.”

“As a result, the DoD response to UAP incidents is uncoordinated and concentrated within each Military Department.”

“DoD Components have largely excluded geographic combatant commands, which are responsible for detecting, deterring, and preventing threats and attacks against the United States and its territories, possessions, and bases in their respective areas of responsibility, in developing UAP policies and procedures.”

The document urges the Department of Defense (DoD) to improve its UFO reporting and analysis system and to share more information with other agencies and allies. It also recommends more research and training on how to deal with UFO encounters and potential attacks.

The document is one of the few official sources that confirm the Pentagon’s interest and concern about UFOs. It also shows that the US government is taking the UFO phenomenon seriously and not dismissing it as a hoax or a fantasy.

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