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Pentagon has a video of a UFO that shot down a nuclear missile

Have you ever heard of the UFO that allegedly shot down a nuclear missile in 1964? If not, you’re not alone. This is one of the most intriguing and controversial cases in UFO history, and yet it remains largely unknown to the public.

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The story begins on September 15th, 1964, at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, where a team of US Air Force officers was conducting a test launch of an Atlas F missile. The missile was unarmed, but it was designed to simulate a nuclear warhead.

One of the officers involved in the test was Lieutenant Bob Jacobs, who was in charge of filming the missile’s flight using a special high-speed camera. He was stationed at Big Sur, about 160 miles away from the launch site.

Another officer was Major Florenze Mansmann, who was the optical instrumentation officer at Vandenberg. He was responsible for analyzing the film footage after the test.

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What they saw on the film would change their lives forever.

According to Jacobs and Mansmann, the film showed a saucer-shaped object flying near the missile after it had separated from its booster. The object then emitted a beam of light that struck the missile, causing it to tumble and malfunction.

The object then circled around the missile and fired another beam, before flying away at high speed.

Jacobs and Mansmann were stunned by what they had witnessed. They had no idea what the object was, or what its intentions were. Was it trying to prevent a nuclear war? Was it testing its own weapons? Was it simply curious?

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They never got a chance to find out. Shortly after they viewed the film, two men in civilian clothes arrived at Vandenberg and confiscated it. They claimed to be from the CIA, and they warned Jacobs and Mansmann not to speak about what they had seen, or face severe consequences.

The film was never seen again.

For decades, Jacobs and Mansmann kept silent about their encounter, fearing for their careers and their safety. They only came forward in the 1980s, when they were contacted by Robert Hastings, an author and researcher who had been investigating UFO sightings at nuclear facilities.

Hastings had learned about the incident from other sources, and he wanted to corroborate it with Jacobs and Mansmann. He also wanted to find out if there was any chance of recovering the film.

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To his surprise, he discovered that there might be a copy of the film somewhere in the Pentagon. He learned this from Luis Elizondo, a former director of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), a secret Pentagon program that studied UFOs and other aerial phenomena.

Elizondo told Hastings that he had seen the film himself, and that it was stored in a secure vault in AATIP’s offices. He also confirmed the details of what Jacobs and Mansmann had described, and said that the object was clearly not of human origin.

However, Elizondo could not provide Hastings with access to the film, as he had left AATIP in 2017 and no longer had clearance. He also said that AATIP was under threat of being shut down by skeptical officials who did not see any value in studying UFOs.

Hastings has been trying to obtain the film ever since, but he has faced many obstacles and delays. He believes that the film is still somewhere in the Pentagon, but he does not know if it will ever be released to the public.

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He hopes that someday, the truth will come out about what happened on September 15th, 1964, and what it means for humanity.

Until then, we can only wonder: What was that UFO? And why did it zap a nuclear missile?

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