Pentagon finds no evidence of alien cover-up

The US Department of Defense presented a large report in which it told everything it knows about aliens.

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The Pentagon has no evidence of the existence of aliens or extraterrestrial technology and denies rumors that the US government has been developing a UFO research program over the years.

This is stated in a large-scale report of the American defense department presented in Congress, the NYT reports.

The report covers 63 countries and is the most extensive refutation in recent years of claims that the US Department of Defense allegedly has evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

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At the same time, the newspaper notes: against the backdrop of distrust in the government, citizens’ obsession with the topic of UFOs is unlikely to diminish.

Meanwhile, Pentagon Speaker Patrick Ryder assured that the department approached the creation of the report as openly as possible and did not discover any secret government programs that were hiding alien objects.

“A consistent theme in popular culture involves a particularly persistent narrative that the [U.S. government] — or a secretive organization within it — recovered several off-world spacecraft and extraterrestrial biological remains … and that it has conspired since the 1940s to keep this effort hidden from the United States Congress and the American public,” the report stated.

According to him, most UFOs turned out to be ordinary objects or phenomena that were misidentified. And those observations that are still considered “unsolved” remain so only because there is not enough quality data to correctly identify them.

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Due to the lack of quality source data, conspiracy theories are spreading, although scientists have repeatedly proven that such sightings are optical illusions, weather phenomena or man-made objects.

The Pentagon explains the surge in public interest in the topic of UFOs by the presence of modern technologies that have simplified the process of creating hoaxes.

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