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Pentagon engineer saw a huge blue UFO in the shape of a dumbbell

On August 28, 2013, three men, one of whom worked as an engineer at the US Department of Defense (Pentagon), came to hunt in the Canadian province of Ontario. Before they had time to set up camp, they saw in the sky an object similar in shape to a dumbbell. The UFO glowed indigo blue and was “half a football field” long.

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The engineer (he chose to remain incognito and the media do not show his photo, and in an interview with him below his voice was changed) tried to photograph the object on his Motorola phone, but he did not succeed – only “white noise pulses” were visible on the video, which flickered in the same rhythm as the glow of the UFO.

However, he considers his video significant evidence in favor of the reality of the existence of UFOs: “The data obtained from this event may be the first real physical evidence that there is not just some kind of aircraft flying there, but that it is flying thanks to an incredibly complex and […] powerful rotating electromagnetic propulsion system,” says an eyewitness.

He later contacted ufologist Robert Powell and told him about his sighting and video. Powell is known for investigating the 2007 mass UFO sightings over Texas and for his role in the UFO documentary series “Encounters,” which aired on Netflix last year.

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According to Powell, this is the only case of a dumbbell-shaped UFO that he has encountered. He says that UFOs of this form are very rare and in all the decades of the history of ufology, only about 50-60 cases of sightings of such UFOs around the world are known.

This is what the UFO looked like, observed by the engineer and his friends.

Powell personally met with the eyewitness engineer and watched his unsuccessful video to analyze the captured white noise interference. He also became convinced that the eyewitness actually worked for the Pentagon, because it gave him a “tour of the defense facility.”

“The very first thing that struck us was how bright this object was. It looked impressive. Having worked with optical systems in the past, it could be described as a vehicle that looked like stadium floodlights – it was everything shone,” says the engineer.

According to him, the entire surface of the “dumbbell” seemed to be covered with “indigo-colored plasma,” and this “dumbbell” was about 170 feet (51 meters) long, 60 feet (18 meters) wide, and approximately 20 feet high ( 6 meters). The object flew slowly, barely missing the treetops, over an old logging road.

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“At the same time, the apparatus slowly rotated around its center, emitting a stream similar to electric sparks, always opposite to the direction of movement, but without a specific starting point.”

In addition to the phone, the engineer also had a small Sony video camera with him, but when he tried to photograph the UFO with it after the failure with the phone, it also captured nothing but noise. The object was so bright it was painful to look at: “It was kind of salty to my eyes. It was like I was looking at a laser through a diffraction grating or something like that.”

Two other men (their identities and positions were not revealed) were also very excited by what they saw. The UFO, slowly rotating and moving in one direction, was observed by people for about 6-7 minutes, and then a second UFO, also brightly lit, appeared on the horizon, and at the same moment both ships “swept away at incredible speed.”

It is estimated that the surface area of ​​the ship was approximately 3.1 million square inches and thus would require “a minimum of 160 MW (160 million watts) of power” to surround the ship with glowing plasma. “This amount of energy is 33% of the energy of the 478 million watt nuclear power plant at Fort Calhoun, Nebraska.

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“Without question, this vehicle was the highest power density vehicle I have ever imagined,” says the engineer. In addition to the interference, the video recording also captured the surprised exclamations of the engineer and his friends, but these videos were not posted in full on the Internet for public viewing.

A small fragment of the recording with noise can be seen in a video of an interview with an engineer posted by the ufological network MUFON. Watch from the 19:37 mark.

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