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Pentagon declassifies report on UAP encounter over Gulf of Mexico

In a recent disclosure, the Pentagon’s UFO investigation unit has provided insights into an aerial encounter that took place over the Gulf of Mexico. The event, which unfolded on January 26th, 2023, involved a US Air Force pilot witnessing an unusual object during a flight from Eglin Air Force Base.

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The incident came to light through a Freedom of Information Act request, revealing that the pilot had detected four unidentifiable objects via radar at altitudes between 16,000 and 18,000 feet.

However, visual confirmation was only possible for one of the objects. The encounter took a peculiar turn when the aircraft’s radar ceased functioning, leaving the pilot to rely solely on visual cues.

A zoomed-in infrared image of the UAP. Image Credit: US Air Force

The object in question bore a resemblance to historical spacecraft designs, sporting a pear-like shape with a brightly lit orange-reddish underside and a cone-shaped upper section adorned with metallic gray panels.

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After thorough analysis, the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) has offered a plausible explanation, suggesting the object was likely a commercial lighting balloon.

The conclusion was drawn from infrared imaging, which revealed a distinct contrast in the object’s thermal signature, indicative of material differences that could align with such man-made objects.

“Although the pilot described the object as uniformly gray in the visible spectrum (it appears uniformly black from the viewing angle in the EO image), the magnified infrared image (see above) shows the object had a strong contrasting signature in the infrared spectrum,” the report reads.

“This contrast suggests either a temperature/emissivity difference or a reflectivity difference between its two hemispheres.”

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The report confidently dismisses the possibility of the object being outside the realm of known phenomena, providing a conventional explanation for what was initially an enigmatic occurrence.

This conclusion may not satisfy all curiosity, but it does provide a grounded perspective on the mysterious sighting over the Gulf of Mexico, where, not for the first time, something inexplicable has been noticed.

In March 2004, a Mexican Air Force patrol captures something very strange on camera. See more in this clip from The Proof Is Out There.

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