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Pastor believes life after death is real in 1,000 near-death studies

Former Christian pastor John Burke was faced with a situation where his research into near-death experiences (NDEs) led him to radically change his views on life after death.

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Burke interviewed more than a thousand people who had experienced NDEs and found that many of them reported encounters with “demonic entities.” These stories were so convincing that they forced him to look at the biblical texts from a new angle, taking them more literally than ever before.

“Learning this has actually changed my theology—even as a Christian and even as a pastor,” Burke admitted in an interview with podcaster Shawn Ryan.

“I used to think that much of this was just fantasy or metaphor, but now I am convinced that heaven and hell are not just concepts, but a reality that exists beyond our physical world.”

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One of the most moving cases Burke recounted was that of his friend Jim Woodford, who experienced an NDE after accidentally overdosing on painkillers prescribed for his very painful Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Woodford described traveling through a “tunnel of light” and subsequently seeing a dark valley that he said was “even darker” than the darkest black valley he could imagine.

“He told me, ‘You know, when you die, I feel the fire go through me.’ And he realized, “I never thanked God for the life I thought I had created.” I’ve heard enough about this to know that you don’t want to wait until the last minute, but God pursues people until the last minute.”

Jim reported passing through a “tunnel of light” that is common to many descriptions of near-death experiences. The pastor continued:

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“He goes through this tunnel of light and then he comes out… but then he sees this beauty on the right, but then it’s almost like a dividing line, and then it gets more and more gray and black, and then there’s a jet black chasm, which simply ends in nothingness.”

“Out of curiosity, he started going there to see what it was like, and he said, Imagine looking down into the darkest black valley you can imagine, but darker.”
“Then he saw a tiny point of light in the distance, almost like a campfire, and he heard something open, and he saw this thing come out, and this thing came for him, and knows his name, and he understands that it wanted to lay claim to it.”

Stories like these not only strengthened Burke’s belief in the literal existence of heaven and hell dimensions, but also led him to believe that the supernatural beings described in the Old Testament were also real.

“There are species created by God outside of humanity that exist in dimensions beyond our own,” he added.

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Some experts explain these stories as hallucinations, while others see them as evidence that life continues beyond what we can know, see and imagine.

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