Past Life Regression Discoveries: Where They Come From and Why

Travelling along a road unknown, meeting people that seem familiar and experiences so real…until the dream ends.

Past life experiences commonly happen in people’s sleep, but there are ways of meditation to work toward seeing past lives too. This covers some of the common questions relating to Druid belief and answers.

Where the Dreams Come From

All living things have a spirit. These spirits imprint their past knowledge onto the recipients. Spirits are ageless and can have spent thousands of lives experiencing a variety of things or be a new spirit where this life is the first one.

For those with a history, the spirit tries to communicate with the mind. Through this communication, it tries to teach and guide.

That little voice in the head that warns when something is dangerous, or the goose bumps that crop up when entering a spooky place are a part of the spirit communication.

The chill that runs down the spine when something bad is about to happen, or the voice saying that certain actions are wrong is the spirit trying to help. Dreams are also a popular way for spirits to try and communicate with the mind.

Dreams as the Conduit to the Past

In a dream state, people let their guard down. Their worries, stresses and distractions are gone while asleep. The sleep state hushes the mind and quiets the body allowing the spirit to try and communicate easier.

It is hard for a spirit to be heard in the every day rush of activity, work, errands and thoughts. So through dreams, it can try and show people what the spirit wants.

Dreams are not always remembered, so why choose this as a way to communicate? Deja Vu can be contributed to this as well. Perhaps not remembering the dream at first, or enough to have a tangible thought about it, can lead to seeing something that triggers a dream that had happened.

Seeing something can trigger latent thoughts in the mind that people were not consciously aware of, but were in fact, subconsciously aware.

Dreaming of places never visited or a person never met, is all part of the experience the spirit is trying to show the individual about a past life. They are intriguing events to view, although sometimes they can be unpleasant.

Sometimes if a person pays enough attention and opens their mind to the dreams, they can discover things about themselves.

Lessons from Past Lives

Ever wonder why some people are afraid of drowning, even though they have never been near water? If they followed their dreams or even got help regressing into past lives, it may be possible that one of, or even many of their past lives ended with them drowning.

This would leave the imprint of that fear on the spirit and thus subconsciously affects the mind of the person.

Ever meet someone who felt creepy? Or the new person that after just a few minutes of talking, feel like they have been friends for years rather than minutes? This person’s spirit may have interacted with the other spirit in a past life.

If they had a bad experience with that spirit, then the spirit may warn the person away. Or vice versus with friendship and feelings of closeness.

Spirits only pass on the extremes though. It won’t warn against someone who pushed them once in a past life and never saw again or an acquaintance that was briefly met in friendly discussion.

Spirits nudge the extremes experiences. Being killed, raped or brutally mistreated are warnings while love, mates, children and family are those who may bring unexplained closeness.


Regressing Into Past Lives Intentionally through Meditation

People don’t have to wait for dreams to find out more about their past lives. There are a couple of other ways to try and regress and access the spirit for further information.

One is meditation. Most people have to practice daily to obtain the deep level of meditation necessary for past life discoveries. Practice and patience are the keys to this method.

Personal meditation can be done privately and at any time the person has the time to dedicate toward it. For most, this usually means at least an hour or more of meditation before getting to where the spirit can reveal anything.

Regression into the Past is not Physically Dangerous but Proceed with Caution

This type of regression is not physically risky. The body is in the same state through the whole of meditation or dreams. However, the mind is at risk. Sometimes seeing certain things are frightening, alarming and very disturbing.

Nightmares may keep people from sleeping well or being able to keep their focus on their daily tasks.

If doing this for the first time, focus on happy and calming memories. Don’t delve right into the gruesome part of past lives that may exist.

Let the mind become prepared to handle and cope with seeing things in the past before trying to get a handle on severe cases and situations. If there are reoccurring nightmares that need to be discovered, try guided meditation.

A guide can help direct what is needed to face the problem but also pull the person out of meditation before the mind settles and dwells too long on what it has just seen.

It also allows for there to be someone to watch over how it is handled and dealt with after the fact ensuring the person is not alone.

The Past Points the Way to the Future

Learning about the past can only help further the knowledge about how to proceed in the future. The more a person knows about a given situation, the better chance there is that the person will be able to make an informed and educated response.

Knowing what past makes up a person, can help them become more informed about whom they are and thus help them with guiding their own future.

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