Paranormal Activity Captured at Haunted Texas Hotel

A creepy photo from a haunted hotel in Texas seems to reveal the ghost of a young boy looking into a room, reports

The scary picture was allegedly taken this month by Jeremy Jones, who co-owns the Historic Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson.

The hotel was built more than 100 years ago and has a lot of paranormal activity that the owners have recorded on their YouTube channel.

The latest event, Jones said, made him believe that “everything here at the hotel that we’ve experienced so far, as far as the paranormal, has been real.”

He said that the eerie photo was taken when he and his daughter were exploring a closed-off part of the attic called a ‘disappointment room.’ These were places where families hid their disabled children from society.

Jones and his daughter were trying to talk to any spirits in the room and he took some pictures with his phone. When they checked the photos later, Jones said, they saw what he calls “the craziest photo I’ve ever seen.”

The photo, which is shown below, appears to show the face of a young boy staring at them from a doorway. Jones then looked into the hotel’s past and found out that the family who lived there in 1974 had a disabled child.

It’s not clear if the young boy is the same spirit that they saw in the doorway, but it seems likely given the history of the room. What do you think Jones saw when he was investigating the attic of the haunted hotel?

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