Black hole

Our universe is in a black hole: a scientist made a loud statement

Black holeUntil today, the theory of the formation of the Universe as a result of the big bang remains relevant. But at the same time, other theories are emerging. One of the latter says that our universe came from a black hole.

She, in turn, opens in another parallel universe. Moreover, each black hole can be a door to another Universe. According to data provided by experts, it is known that the formation of the Universe began almost 14 billion years ago.

Shravanti Sureshkumar published on the Q + A Quora website an amazing theory that a black hole can independently create a huge Universe inside itself. If this theory is true, then the very first thing that arose in our universe appeared from somewhere outside.

The scientist also says that our Universe can also be inside a black hole. This theory interested many scientists.

In the Universe there is only one place where there is a singularity and where the laws of physics do not apply. This is a black hole.

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