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Haunted farmhouse

Reader’s story: Our Family Haunted Farmhouse

Haunted farmhouseHi my name is Tawnya and from 5th grade to 10th grade I lived in a haunted house, I’m 24 now. Anyway, what I’m about to tell you is a few occurrences that happened to me, and may I add quite true.

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Background of the house; It’s a two story farmhouse in Washington State 3 bedrooms upstairs one bedroom downstairs. From the living room is this big room with no purpose, we called it the middle room and from there is the dining room, which has this wall that had my Dad’s car trophies hanging on it.

This wall is that fake wood crap and it’s covering an old doorway, (which led to my bedroom closet, I had the downstairs room), from the dining room it leads to the kitchen. It’s all open space and what I just described is in the shape of the horseshoe so everything is quite visible. Oh, also off to the side of the dining room and middle room is the sun room, which is where the backdoor is at also.

In the two of the bedrooms upstairs, the closets are very long and narrow, with a little door leading the way in, on the inside of the closets, is a piece of plywood about 2’x 3′ in size nailed onto the wall. My sister, brother, and I have pulled these things off the wall and behind it is a passage way throughout the house, we never been in them, we were to creeped out. Sorry, for the long description but I felt it relevant to my stories that I’m about to share.

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1. This story is one of my earliest memories so this one I’ll start off with. I had about 5 friends over and we decided to play hide n’ seek. The rule was nobody goes upstairs since it would be easier to find people and downstairs is big enough. My friend Brandee was it and heard someone go upstairs.

She ran up there and saw somebody hiding behind my sister’s bedroom door. She yelled out, “I see your leg you can come out now, your it.” But the person didn’t move or say anything. Well, back downstairs all of us were wondering where the heck she went and we all stood at the bottom of the stairs looking up at her. I said, “Brandee, who are you talking too?

Nobody is up there remember the rule.” She looked at my sister’s room again and saw nothing and looked at all of us staring at her from the base of the stairs. Her face turned very pale and she came running down the stairs literally knocking us over. She swore someone was upstairs and was freaking out, my parents looked upstairs and found nothing. She quickly called her parents to pick her up.

2. One another occasion, I came home after school, and I was usually the first one home. I was watching my shows in the living room, and decided to go to the kitchen to make myself some popcorn. We had a popcorn popper and those things are kind of loud. Anyway, I heard something banging the wall.

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I turned around and saw that my Dad’s trophies, (plaques) were slapping against the wall. I thought, oh my God, we are having an earthquake and quickly scanned the other walls and nothing was moving. I walked over to the wall and when I was about to touch it, the trophies stopped.

I figured well maybe someone else was home and went to my bedroom to see if someone was playing a trick on me and was banging the other side of the wall. Of course, I found that I was there by myself. Well, I just shrugged it off and continued making my popcorn. Then, the banging started up again. I went over to the wall to touch it and the wall was ice cold and then all the trophies started to fly off the wall, one plaque even hit me in the leg.

Well, I freaked out and ran out the backdoor. I was pacing in my driveway, thinking of all my options, call Mom or Dad, wait outside till someone came home, etc. Then, I got mad and said screw it this is my home and I’m not going to get chased out of it.

So I mustered every once of courage and stormed in through the door with my eyes shut, yelling, IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST… I opened my eyes and all the trophies were back on the wall and everything was quiet. It never happened again, but I’ll tell you what I never was so scared in my life. After that bout of bravery though, the things to come never shook me that bad.

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3. Well, like I said my bedroom was downstairs. Even though the strange occurrences that happened in the house all the time didn’t scare me too bad, I still had a need to make sure my door was locked. I had a skeleton key to lock my door and if that wasn’t enough, I used a crutch and my dresser drawer (dresser was built into the wall) to make extra sure nobody could into my room. I look back now and think, paranoid much?

Anyhoo, my Mom would sometimes check on me before she went to bed and demanded that I leave my door open, (I’m a heavy sleeper), in case of a fire. Well, one night I thought it was a sister that came into my room. My “sister” shook me awake and I said, what do you want. The girl said she had a nightmare. Now my room was pretty dark, all I saw was a dark figure. I tossed the girl a pillow and blanket and said she could sleep by my bed.

I went to doze off again and the girl kneeled down over me and started to laugh. I’m also a grump, so I told her to go to sleep or leave. Then, the girl walked over to my desk and picked up this ceramic egg, (it’s about the size of a football). I told her to drop the egg and leave; I’m not going to deal with her crap. Well, I guess the girl didn’t like me yelling at her so, she threw it at me, and the thing shattered on my head.

I flew out of bed and turned on the light, (thinking I’m going to kick my sister’s butt) and to my surprise, nobody was in my room and my door was all barricaded shut. Well, about 3 days later the same occurrence happened and this time it was my potted plant. As I saw my plant hover over my head I realized it wasn’t my sister and jerked my head to the side before it could hit me. This time, I flew out of bed and turned on the light to kick some ghost butt. I told the ghost to show itself! No, it didn’t show itself to me, but I yelled at it like it was there and that too never happened again.

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4. One night my friend Brandee, decided to spend the night. Everybody went to bed. She and I stayed up and were talking in the living room. Next thing we knew, an older man, all in white in a suit that looked like it was from the 40’s came walking into the middle room.

He stopped right in front of us, and smiled and then he lifted up his hand and evaporated. I wasn’t scared, but I was dumbfounded, quite not sure that even happened. I knew my house was haunted, but never did I see a ghost with such detail. Brandee then, asked if I saw the same thing and I said oh yeah, I saw it. She was completely freaked out; needless to say she never spent the night again, in that house.

Well, obviously I can go on forever. I don’t live there anymore, and neither do my parents. But, my grandparents own the house and they rent it out, but no one stays long. My grandparents can’t figure out why their tenants don’t stay, but I know the truth. I still have experiences of ghosts, but nothing as strong as when I lived in that house.

Feel free to ask questions on these stories or if you want to know more about others I have.

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