One in five people in the UK insist their house is haunted

A recent poll has unveiled a surprising prevalence of supernatural beliefs among the British population. While you might think that a small minority would admit to experiencing ghostly phenomena at home, the reality in the UK appears to be quite different.

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Based on a survey of 2,000 Brits, one out of every five respondents believes that their own home is haunted, and one in twenty claims to sense a spectral presence in their workplace.

What’s even more intriguing is that nearly 70% of those surveyed admitted to believing in the existence of ghosts, and almost 40% claimed to have personally encountered paranormal occurrences.

Among those who reported paranormal experiences, approximately half described the presence as benign. Geographically, the survey unveiled regional variations, with 75% of Londoners acknowledging a belief in the supernatural, while that figure dropped to 47% in Edinburgh.

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Perhaps the most astonishing revelation is that 5% of respondents confessed to relocating their residence to escape a resident ghost.

CJ Tudor, the author and executive producer of the new Paramount+ TV show “The Burning Girls,” commented on these findings, saying, “I’ve always found belief in the supernatural interesting, and it’s intriguing that so many Brits are believers, with many claiming to have had their own experiences.

“The idea of things we don’t understand or there being something ‘other than this world’ will always fascinate people and draw them into stories which examine those beliefs.”

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