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One-eyed bald dwarfs scared Argentine teenagers in 1988

In 1988, an Argentine news story emerged detailing an encounter between four teenagers and a group of short, bald humanoids with frog-like skin and a single eye. Whether these entities were aliens, interdimensional beings, or merely part of a hoax remains unknown.

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On the night of October 27, 1988, in Pergamino, Argentina, the four teenage boys were en route to the Viajantes nightclub when they spotted the unusual creatures in the park.

As per their description, these creatures were devoid of hair, had skin reminiscent of frogs, and bore a single, large eye on their faces.

The beings emitted “guttural sounds,” causing great distress to the teenagers. The very next morning, the story made headlines in the local newspaper La Opinión with the headline “Have aliens landed in Pergamino?” prompting widespread shock and fear across the city.

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The article, spanning two pages, featured images of peculiar prints found on the ground, eyewitness interviews, and notably, a drawing portraying the appearance of a one-eyed dwarf, sketched by one of the teenage witnesses.

The incident’s exact location was pinpointed as “a section of Calle 14 in the Parque General San Martín area, bordering the territory of the Club de Viajantes, near the National Route 188.” The witnesses included 14-year-old Christian Cassio and three 19-year-olds: Javier Jauregui, Silvio Pena, and Dario Duran.

While three witnesses reported encountering six “green dwarfs,” one insisted there were five. All four affirmed that, alongside the odd sounds, the dwarfs gestured with their hands, attempting to communicate.

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According to the teenagers, they were walking past the park when the strange creatures suddenly emerged from the bushes, causing them to flee in fear. Christian Cassio’s account of the event follows:

“There were five of them, all of them were without clothes and spoke incomprehensibly. They made something like guttural moans. When they saw me, they all immediately pointed their fingers at me. Their height was about 70 centimeters. I immediately made an “Olympic jump” from there.

“After that, my friends and I went to La Caminera, where we told everyone about what we had seen, but at first they did not believe us. Later, when they concluded that we were sane, we all returned to the Club de Viajantes.”

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In the morning, while inspecting the park in the place where a group of dwarfs were allegedly seen, strange footprints were discovered on the ground, as if human, but as if left by small children. In the following days, a real “pilgrimage” began to this place; probably all the residents of Pergamino who could walk visited here.

When interviewing employees of the Club de Viajantes, a strange episode became known that occurred at the same time (00:30) as the sighting of the dwarfs. Here’s employee Alicia Leal’s story.

“In the back of the dining room, a light appeared, illuminating the room. Unidentifiable, and someone was trying to open the door. I turned off all the lamps and immediately tried to see if they were thieves. I did not hear any noise or conversations.

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” After a few seconds, this light began to move and then disappeared. On the street, about 100 meters away, I saw Hector Juan Martinez and one of my grandchildren, who were talking among themselves, but they apparently did not see anything unusual here.

“I immediately told them what I saw, and a police patrol immediately arrived and told us that they had seen a group of “green dwarfs”. Only then did I fully understand the situation.

“The young people who said they saw what could be some kind of alien were very excited about what happened. And I was also amazed by the behavior of the dog that lives here with us. The dog never barked even though he was close to the place where I saw the light.”

Hector Juan Martinez, interviewed by journalists, confirmed that he actually did not see or hear anything strange when he was standing next to the club, and only found out about what had happened when the police arrived.

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Alas, in subsequent years this case did not go far from the information that appeared in the newspaper, although ufologists and police investigators tried to study it.

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