On the Pakistani market, the guards saw a Chupacabra

ChupacabraTwo watchmen from the large flea market “Shershakh” in Karachi, Pakistan, told reporters about seeing a very strange and frightening black creature with glowing eyes.

The first meeting took place on July 11, when a 25-year-old man named Gulzar worked. He was guarding a small closed warehouse when he heard a loud barking of stray dogs nearby. He decided to go and see what is there.

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“When I began to approach the other side, I had a strange feeling, and then I saw this terrible creature. It was completely black, and his eyes were burning like torches. I have never seen anything like it,” said Gulzar.

The next morning the man shared what he saw with other people, including other watchmen, but no one believed him. However, the next day another guard met the same creature.

The watchman Abdul Qayum committed bypass between the market rows when he saw something large and black that flashed aside. A day later, two men said that someone had climbed into their warehouse and killed 11 goats there.

Later other witnesses appeared. One of them, in particular, said that this black creature is one and a half meters tall, and he can jump to a height of several meters.

Soon merchants began to panic, especially among those who traded in the market chickens, ducks and goats. They began to close their stores earlier and to strengthen warehouses with heavy locks.

Local people believe that this creature is like a chupacabra, since it kills goats.

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  1. Pakistan is a country where usually laugh off strange things untill they encounter it themselves. The famous ‘woman in white’ ghost story is one that is also in Pakistan, apparently a lone male driver at night on a highway can see her, but they should never stop – there have been missing men along highways where she has been spotted. other than that, black magic is very common in Pakistan, from low level family curses to horrific blood sacrificial stuff. So i’m not surprised to hear this one, though i’ve never heard of a chupacabra, ghosts, and demons (jinn) are a known thing in Pakistan – possession and all.

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