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Loch ness

Tourist photographed a large dark spot on Loch Ness that was moving

Loch nessTourists from France Etienne Camel and his wife Elian arrived the other day in Scotland, in the area of ​​Loch Ness, where a mysterious water monster named Nessie lives.

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On that day, they were on the western shore of the lake, near the village of Invermoriston, filming the picturesque surroundings on smartphones, when Etienne suddenly noticed something dark and large on the water.

“It was quite strange. I’m a man of science, so I never believed that the Loch Ness monster was some kind of prehistoric animal. But when I took pictures, I saw this long, long shadow. I called my wife, and then we saw that the shadow was moving.

“I thought maybe it was the shadow of a cloud, but there were no clouds, no boats, no rocks. There were small waves, as if something was floating there. The object was 15-20 meters long and was about 150 meters away from us. It looked strange and then he disappeared.

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“We couldn’t tell if it was an animal, but something was definitely moving underwater. I’ve never seen anything like it in lakes before – and we have a lot of them where we live.”

The first stories about Nessie appeared in the British press in 1933 after a woman named McGarvey saw a large dark figure leaning out of the water. Subsequent eyewitnesses described this creature as similar to the ancient water lizard plesiosaur.

Most modern scientists do not believe in Nessie and believe that either very large eels or large fish like catfish are found in Loch Ness, or people sometimes mistake seals swimming into the lake for Nessie.

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