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Ohio company has started selling ‘Thermonator’, a fire-breathing robot dog

Ohio-based flamethrower manufacturer, Throwflame, has introduced a groundbreaking addition to their arsenal: the ‘Thermonator.’ This robotic canine is not your average pet; it’s a fire-breathing entity capable of launching flames up to thirty feet.

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The ‘Thermonator’ emerges as a marvel of engineering, combining the utility of a flamethrower with the agility and form of a robot dog.

Throwflame, known for their innovative approach to flamethrower design, has taken a leap into robotics with this latest product. The ‘Thermonator’ is designed with several non-combative applications in mind, such as managing wildlife, melting snow, and providing a unique form of entertainment.

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Despite its daunting appearance and capabilities, the company assures that this fiery automaton is not intended for use as a weapon.

The legal landscape for such a device is surprisingly accommodating; with no federal laws regulating flamethrowers, the ‘Thermonator’ avoids legal entanglements, save for Maryland’s licensing requirement.

The ‘Thermonator’ is available for purchase at a price of $9,420, evidenced by the promotional video that highlights its laser targeting system and nocturnal navigation skills.

The concept of robotic dogs is not new to the public imagination, often portrayed in films as companions or protectors in dystopian futures.

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For those intrigued by the cinematic portrayal of such technology, the movie ‘Finch’ offers a glimpse into a world where a robot dog plays a crucial role in the survival and emotional journey of its human counterparts.

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