Ohio woman captures frightening “Bigfoot” howling

BigfootSuzanne Ferencak, a resident of Loudonville, thinks she has audio proof of the enigmatic creature.

Ferencak took a serious interest in the phenomena after a close encounter with a purported Bigfoot in 2013. On July 3, he captured the unexplained howling outside Mohican State Park.

Ferencak isn’t convinced by park authorities’ explanation that the noise is made by coyotes.

“You hear some howls, then you hear a chorus of coyotes and then you hear howls again,” she said.

“This is the first time I ever recorded howls.”

In fact, she was so certain of the nature of the recording that she sent it to an unnamed audio expert who was well known for his work evaluating alleged Bigfoot recordings.

“I do hear a responder after the third howl that suggests a second (Sasquatch) in the area – not a coyote,” he said. “That responder makes a low, flat howl that ends with an upwhoop.”

“Then the coyote chorus kicks in.”

You can check out the recording for yourself below.

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