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Officials examine the mysterious sphere found on a beach

Police and locals in a coastal town in Japan are perplexed by a giant iron ball that has washed up on a nearby beach. Authorities acknowledge they have no clue what it is, other than the fact that it isn’t likely to explode, reports

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Since it washed ashore on Enshu beach in the city of Hamamatsu on the nation’s Pacific coast, the 1.5 m in diameter sphere has been the subject of hysterical rumors, according to local media sources.

When specialists employed X-ray equipment to look inside the object and discovered that it was hollow, their concerns that it may be a wayward mine were allayed.

Police began inspecting the ball, which is orangey-brown with what appear to be darker patches of rust, after a local woman spotted it resting on the sand just metres from the shore while she was out for a walk earlier this week, Asahi TV reported.

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But, according to reports, officials still don’t know what the sphere is or where it came from. Authorities cordoned off the area and brought in explosives specialists who were equipped in protective clothes to look into it further.

The Japanese coast guard and self-defence forces have received photos for additional review.

Some people thought it looked like something from the well-known manga series Dragon Ball, while others thought it was a UFO that had crashed to the ground.

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