Number of mysterious pillars of light emanating from the Earth is increasing

Light pillars are a mysterious phenomenon that have baffled scientists and observers for a long time. They appear as vertical beams of light that emerge from the ground and reach up to the sky.

They have been reported in various locations around the world, such as Kent in England, Mexico near the US border, Greece and Turkey.

Yesterday information came from Sweden, where such a light was seen around April 25th.

On May 16, columns of light were seen over Mexico:

Earlier, in March-April, approximately the same thing was observed over Greece and over Croatia:

An absolutely incredible phenomenon was over Kent around May 11:

One would expect that such a phenomenon would attract the attention and curiosity of the scientific community, especially in countries where it occurs. However, this does not seem to be the case.

Despite having access to advanced technology and resources, the British Academy of Sciences, NASA and other institutions have shown little interest in investigating the light pillars.

Why is this so? Are they hiding something from the public? Are they afraid of what they might discover? Or are they simply too busy with other projects and priorities? These questions remain unanswered, as the light pillars continue to shine without explanation.

Some might speculate that the reason for these rays is seismological, for example, the Earth is preparing for an explosion.

Before an explosion, the first is always the release of radiant energy, which flows in sheaves from cracks in the surface of the ammunition or a larger object, such as a volcano or even a planet.

Others might suggest that they are signs of extraterrestrial activity, such as alien portals or spacecrafts. Still others might see them as divine messages or omens of the future.

It is possible that the reason is some kind of energy, closer to energy-informational. For example, the Earth somehow changes its power grid and sheaves of energy no longer hit through the pyramids and portals built by the ancients, but break through anywhere.

Finally, the matter may be in the work of the planetary defense, which the little green men deploy before the arrival of guests from space. And the military, of course, is aware that they will be strained to carry cartridges to aliens or lined up in a human shield.

Whatever the case may be, the light pillars are a fascinating and mysterious phenomenon that deserve more attention and research. They might reveal something important about our planet, our universe or ourselves.

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