Nostradamus’s prediction of World War III discovered

Researchers have found in the quatrains of Nostradamus a mention of the unleashing of the third world war by the countries. The medieval predictor described the upcoming events that will lead to the beginning of a large-scale military conflict between countries.

Scientists have studied another quatrain written by a medieval diviner and found lines that supposedly indicate the beginning of global events.

For example, they found in the prophecy of Nostradamus an indication that the initiator of the third world war would be a certain “eastern king” who had usurped power in Europe.

Moreover, Nostradamus twice mentions these events in his prophecies, but, as usual, does not indicate specific dates.

Nostradamus in quatrains reveals an important chain of events that originates at the moment when a cataclysm occurs on Earth, provoked by a space body approaching the Earth. When this happens, all of Europe will be invaded by the Chinese army.

Unfortunately, the researchers did not find any other clues that shed light on the disturbing prophecies of Nostradamus and give even the slightest idea of what they are talking about.

At the time when Nostradamus lived, the vision of the world was completely different, for example, Russia was not considered an eastern state and belonged to the northern powers.

The quatrains of the medieval diviner are so complex that it is almost impossible to decipher them.

It often happens that only after the occurrence of an event, researchers discover it in the descriptions of the soothsayer. However, this applies not only to Nostradamus, but also to Vanga, Messing and other predictors.

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