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North America may split in half: giant cracks formed in the ground

On September 15, the inhabitants of Mexico, who live on the outskirts of the Chihuahua Desert, posted on the Internet very terrible changes in the surface of the earth: deep cracks formed in the territory for unknown reasons. The width of the dips was about three meters, and the depth was one and a half meters.

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The cracks stretched for several kilometers. Geologists are now diligently studying the incident. According to their data, the crack begins 500 kilometers from the southern edge of the well-known San Andreas fault.

Perhaps the situation is somehow related to the processes occurring in the fault. It is unknown where the rift actually stretches. It was studied mainly at the epicenters of earthquakes, none of the scientists looked into the bowels of the lithosphere.

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Maybe the rift is indeed connected to the Chihuahua Desert. If so, then the earth in San Andreas will soon shake too.

According to another theory, earthquake swarms in the Atlantic could have caused the cracks. The last seismic event with a magnitude of 7 was recorded there on September 19.

The Atlantic is located further from the San Andreas Fault, but it can play the role of some kind of global process. For example, after the first incident in the Atlantic Ocean, the bottom of the Indian Ocean shuddered, then the Pacific. Perhaps, soon, mysterious cracks will appear in the most unexpected places.

Scientists are more inclined to the option that tectonic shifts are taking place under Mexico. So, this summer after a strong earthquake, part of Mexico moved 45 centimeters. The awakening of a powerful volcano is not excluded. Some experts believe that North America could eventually split in half.

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