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Nick pope

Nick Pope: the US government is preparing to disclose information about aliens

Nick pope
Nick Pope
Nick Pope is a well-known personality in the field of UFO research. In a recent interview, Pope expressed concern that first contact with an alien civilization could cause fear and global chaos.

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He suggested that world governments, which once considered alien life a fringe belief, may now be on the verge of finding out the truth about whether we are alone in the universe.

Nick Pope worked for 21 years in the British Ministry of Defense (MoD). From 1991 to 1994, he was the head of the US Department of Defense UFO Study Project. He said that during his time in the DoD he had come across several credible UFO cases.

In an interview with British independent newspaper The Sun published on March 31, 2022, Pope explained that humanity’s contact with an extraterrestrial civilization would be the most “amazing, paradigm-breaking moment in human history.”

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At the same time, he said that the first interaction will cause fear and panic, which will force the peoples of the world to unite.

He warned: “Just as the world has reacted to the pandemic, first contact could lead to global chaos. If this is a reaction to something relatively well-known, then what would be the reaction to something really new and unusual?“

According to him, for some people, contact with aliens would be a catastrophic shock, since they would not be able to cope with a different reality. He believes that contact with aliens would be the biggest shock for all religions.

Pope also spoke about other consequences of contact with aliens.

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The expert said that “the first contact will lead to a war between states over alien technology . He believes that the first contact with the Earth would be the highest danger, but also a great opportunity for mankind to expand their knowledge of the universe.

Other than that, fighting off an alien invasion wouldn’t be a good idea, as Pope believes humans have primitive technology.

Pope previously told The Sun: “It’s like an iceberg where a lot of it is visible, but a lot of what’s going on is done behind closed doors, highly classified and deeply isolated.”

According to the expert, one of the following scenarios will be correct:

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We’re being visited by aliens, but no one in the government knows.

We are being visited by aliens, but the government knows and hides it.

We are not being visited by aliens, but the government is promoting the idea that we are being visited by aliens.

He suggested that the surge in UFO discussion activity in the US looks like someone is preparing for something. This suggests that “the government can no longer keep a secret” and it’s time to start revealing.

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