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NFL players share astonishing UFO sighting during team flight

Two NFL players recently recounted a vivid UFO sighting during a team flight. This remarkable revelation emerged on Las Vegas Raiders’ defensive end Maxx Crosby’s podcast, featuring teammate Andre James, reports

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As the conversation turned to conspiracy theories, James shared his belief that “UFOs are here and have been here for a long time.” He then described an eerie experience from last November when the team was flying home after a game in Miami.

James explained that on these chartered flights, players sometimes visit the cockpit to chat with the pilots. During this trip, the visit took a strange turn when the plane’s radio system reported something unusual in the sky.

“All the pilots are coming on,” he recalled, “they’re like ‘hey, do you guys see those lights out there?'” James and two teammates saw nothing unusual, prompting the pilots to suggest they were being pranked, and the players returned to their seats.

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Twenty minutes later, James was called back to the cockpit by a teammate who pointed out strange anomalies.

“I go up there and immediately I just see this big white light,” he marveled, “it’s getting bigger and smaller, bigger and smaller.”

Initially, the pilots speculated it could be a satellite, but that theory was dismissed when the light moved in a circle. The pilots admitted it wasn’t a satellite.

The sighting grew stranger when a second light appeared below the first, and the two objects seemed to move around each other. The pilots, despite their military experience, were baffled.

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James noted, “it was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen.” The sighting lasted about twenty minutes and “everyone saw it,” confirmed by Crosby. Although the UFO eventually vanished, James claimed they captured footage of it, which he hopes to share someday.

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