Newly Revealed UFO Footage Shows ‘Invisible’ ‘Jellyfish’ Craft

Recent leaked footage (see video below) shows a peculiar aerial object, invisible to the naked eye, supposedly captured by the intelligence community. Expert Jeremy Corbell revealed this footage obtained from the US military.

The footage captures the mysterious craft from two angles as it traverses both land and water near a military base. However, the UFO is only visible through thermal cameras, shifting between black and white, suggesting temperature changes from hot to cold.

According to Corbell, troops in 2018 were tasked with tracking down this enigmatic object. The video depicts the UFO submerged in water for 17 minutes before swiftly launching out and accelerating at a 45-degree angle.

Describing the object’s behavior, Corbell highlighted its sudden descent into the water, followed by a lengthy stillness before its rapid emergence.

Reported witnesses observed that the ‘legs’ of the craft remained motionless while hanging.

Corbell, an investigative journalist and filmmaker, affirmed the authenticity of the footage, citing sources who took risks to provide it.

This revelation is part of Corbell’s investigative documentary, “TMZ Presents: UFO Revolution,” aiming to unravel what UFOs signify for humanity.

The documentary aims to expose what’s considered the most significant cover-up in history, following the New York Times’ 2020 disclosure of the Pentagon’s ongoing UFO unit studying inexplicable interactions with military pilots.

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Jake Carter

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