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Newborn comes back from the dead after being sprinkled with holy water

The recent event in Paraguay, South America, has been termed by many as a miraculous resurrection. A newborn baby girl, initially declared dead by doctors, stunned everyone when she showed signs of life just before her funeral rites.

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The incident occurred last Friday at Ciudad del Este Regional Hospital, where a 32-week pregnant woman was admitted due to breathing difficulties.

Concerned about the baby’s well-being amidst oxygen deprivation, doctors recommended an urgent cesarean section to give the premature child a fighting chance.

Although the operation was successful, the newborn exhibited no signs of life—no breathing, movement, or pulse. Despite efforts to revive her, she was pronounced dead, and her body was handed over to her father, Ignacio Medina Vega, for burial.

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Preparations for the funeral were underway, with a small white coffin purchased and the baby placed inside for at least four hours before the service.

As the priest arrived to sprinkle holy water over the body, an uncle approached the coffin and noticed the seemingly lifeless baby’s head move.

Upon closer inspection, it became evident that she was breathing, with a faint heartbeat. This astonishing discovery led to her immediate return to the hospital for further evaluation.

The baby, weighing only 600 grams, was placed in an incubator in the intensive care unit, where she continues to defy the odds. Her father, overwhelmed with gratitude, expressed the terrifying realization that they could have buried her alive.

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In tribute to this extraordinary event, her parents intend to name her Milagros de Jesus, meaning “Miracle of Jesus.”

Doctors are still giving a “cautious prognosis” for her condition and are trying to understand under what circumstances the child was declared dead and whether all the standard procedures for her case were carried out.

Hospital spokesman Federico Schrodel told reporters that they were not ruling out the possibility of catalepsy, a condition characterized by a lack of response to external stimuli, loss of consciousness and immobility of the body.

“Due to prematurity, what could have happened to her is that she was left with practically no signs of life,” he added.

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