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UFO sightings in New York increased by 238% in the past two years

UFO coverOver the past 2 years, the number of reports of strange flying objects seen in the sky over the American city of New York has increased dramatically. Eyewitnesses even reported multiple UFOs over the Statue of Liberty.

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In 2018, New Yorkers (USA) reported sightings of mysterious flying objects just 10 times, which is the standard figure. However, in 2019, 35 people have already seen UFOs, and in 2020, 46 eyewitness reports have already been received.

Most often UFOs were seen in 2020 in the Brooklyn area (12 times), then in Manhattan (11 times), Queens (10 times), Staten Island (8 times) and the Bronx (5 times).

Ufologists are wondering if strange alien activity is really on the rise in New York City, or are residents simply mistaking high-tech drones for alien ships? It should be understood that launching even an ordinary drone over Manhattan after the 9/11 attacks is not an easy task.

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In an interview with the New York Post, Peter Davenport, who is director of the National UFO Reporting Center, said that while reports are usually missing a lot of detail and witnesses usually do not give their names, he has no doubts that they are “telling the truth about their encounters.”

“I believe that we are regularly visited by some creatures that fly on what we call UFOs,” he said, adding that he personally saw strange flying objects in the sky five times.

When the New York Post asked him why he thinks aliens want to visit our planet, he replied: “You have to talk to aliens about this if you want to get an answer to the question. I do not know what these creatures are doing and what their purpose is to be here”.

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