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New York City Vampires and the Disappearance of Susan Walsh

On July 16, 1996, 36-year-old Susan Walsh left her Nutley, New Jersey apartment to use a pay phone across the street – a routine habit since she didn’t have a home telephone. She was never seen again. 20 years later, the disappearance of Susan Walsh continues to be one of the more intriguing missing persons cases in the New York City area. Working as an exotic dancer since her early-20s and dreaming of becoming a writer for as long, Walsh had been using her contacts and experience in New York City’s seedy underbelly to break into the world of investigative…

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Jake Carter

Jake Carter is a researcher and a prolific writer who has been fascinated by science and the unexplained since childhood.

He is not afraid to challenge the official narratives and expose the cover-ups and lies that keep us in the dark. He is always eager to share his findings and insights with the readers of, a website he created in 2013.