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New UFO documentary claims a secret group keeps the truth from the public

A controversial new UFO movie called God Versus Aliens claims that a secret US government group called the Collins Elite are controlling the UFO agenda and are preventing the public from knowing the truth.

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These claims are made in the film by author and UFO researcher Brian Allan and also by alleged alien contact – Tony Toppings.

Brian states that this group was formed in the 1950’s at Wright Patterson Airforce base in the US in order to control what was released to the public. Some in this group believed that UFOs and aliens were demonic in origin.

Tony Toppings, is an alleged abductee and he claims that the universe is highly populated and that we are being lied to by those in power including the Collins Elite.

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Nick Pope, who worked for the UK’s MOD UfO desk in the 1990’s is also featured in the film and he has stated that there are elements in the US military who genuinely believe that UFOs are demonic in origin and because of this they should not be investigated and that by investigating them you just give them more power.

Mark Christopher Lee who produced and directed the film states:

“Most people are aware of the UFO folklore around Majestic 12 or MJ12 a secret organisation that controls the truth around UFOS allegedly set up by President Truman, it’s even inspired countless sci-fi movies and tv like The X Files.

“However few will have heard of this Collins Elite which was first uncovered by British UFOlogist Nick Redfern. Maybe they do actually control what is going on, maybe with the belief that the truth would just frighten us?”

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“However, though my years of research I do believe that whatever this UFO phenomena is or represents is benign in nature and maybe here to help us. I do also think that there is more to it than just nuts and bolts physical craft and that we may be dealing with beings from other dimensions or realities.”

The film has been described as the Blair Witch Project of UFOs for it’s radical approach to the subject whilst growing a fanbase by word of mouth all around the world.

The film also features interviews with Professor Avi Loeb from Harvard University who looks at the role that AI will play in making contact and the risks that this brings.

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God Versus Aliens is now streaming on Tubi in the US and Canada and Ayozat worldwide.

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