New theory suggests that we travel to Parallel Universes when we dream

We have long been fascinated by the concept of dreaming and what they may reveal. With many different theories ranging from psychic glimpses into our future to a glimpse at our innermost thought and desires, scientists are more interested than ever in understanding this phenomenon.

Every night, humans have an average of 6-10 dreams. A few minutes after being awoken, these dreams are usually forgotten. However, what if there’s actual meaning to dreams that would make them more lucrative to remember?

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Have you ever experienced a dream that was so real and life-like that you felt like you were literally there in the moment? You can feel the breeze on your face, smell the fresh cut grass or taste the food that touched your lips.

These realistic dreams feel like much more than just a creation of our imagination. A new science-based theory might actually reveal this to be true…

Modern science, as well as Native American tribes and Mexican nations, believe that we, or at least our brains visit a “parallel universe” when we dream. This would explain why humans can dream in color, and can senses with all five feelings what’s happening within the dream.

It all starts with the existence of the multiverse, the idea that our universe isn’t the only one out there, in fact, it is just one of many. Within each of these universes is a new reality, one that, while similar to our own, is altered in some way by the decisions that we’ve made.

This is a concept that scientists have entertained and explored for many years, however, a controversial 2010 study revealed evidence that there may actually be other universes in existence.

Consider the last major decision you made in your life. Maybe you moved to a new town for your dream job. In a parallel universe, another version of ‘you’ may exist that chose, instead, to stay in your hometown and pass on the job.

This one change in your narrative then creates a ripple effect, changing every area of your life from that moment on.

If you have ever dreamt of your life, but it appeared a little different – maybe you were living in a different house or a different town, you were working a different job, or you find yourself involved with a different partner.

What you may actually be experiencing at that moment is a glimpse at your life in a parallel universe. The dream itself feels SO real as if you’re actually standing there, because it, in fact, is real – just in an alternate world. This is the life that the alternate you has created.

People often have a recurring dream about a place they never visited, or even heard of. Perhaps such dreams are glimpses from what one experienced in a parallel Universe.

Sometimes people dream about events that have not yet happen but will take place in the future. Such dreams could also be incoming images from an alternate world where you are living a different life.

Who knows, perhaps some of our most special dreams are a window into a parallel universe. This is of course pure speculation, but without speculation and scientific curiosity we will never be able to learn more about the secrets of the Universe and our reality.

So, can some of our dreams be glimpses of events taking place in an alternate reality, a parallel Universe?

If our dreams are, in fact, a glimpse into an alternate life, can we use them to explore these worlds? Are we no longer limited to just our own universe? Much further study is required, but this may be the start of some incredible discoveries in the future.

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  1. Around 2010, scientists such as Stephen M. Feeney analyzed Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) data and claimed to find evidence suggesting that our universe collided with other (parallel) universes in the distant past.However, a more thorough analysis of data from the WMAP and from the Planck satellite, which has a resolution 3 times higher than WMAP, did not reveal any statistically significant evidence of such a bubble universe collision. In addition, there was no evidence of any gravitational pull of other universes on ours.

  2. This is fascinating I have many strange dreams that are exactly as described, very interesting.

  3. On at least one occasion, I sat at a table with multiple versions of me as “we” hammered out a tricky situation. Many times, I’ve lived through future moments, some life-changing, others quite mundane. Some future events were just as they were in those moments when my waking self caught up to my dream preview — including faces of people I had never met before — while other dreams contained future moments that were mixed with symbolism and other fictional elements.

    These dreams are more than just alternate realities, for me at least: they are guideposts, road maps and occasional test drives of our possible futures. Some feel like practice runs, while others feel like we’re trying to find the right direction through a difficult path ahead.

    I can usually tell if I’m on the right path in my waking, normal life, by how precognitive my dreams are. They’re like echoes from the future: when great moments or powerful events are on the horizon, I’ll get a little taste in my dreams ahead of time to prepare me for the moments ahead.

    • I have had the same as you visions and dreams. What do you think these mean? Are there ways to train your mind? My young mind is simply curious and naive is all. Never heard anyone explain it as well. Or an article written as intriguing!

  4. Paul E Goodfellow Jr
    Paul E Goodfellow Jr

    I have considered this idea quite a bit lately. I am always me and my surroundings are a amalgam of people, places and things from my past. All though they are scrambled it’s like me only in a oddly familiar surrounding. I only leave till I wake up and still wish to return.

  5. What if the only way to travel to the 5th dimension is when we die. So when we dream we are foreshadowing the 5th dimension?? 🤕☠️

  6. What do you mean by “Mexican nations”? is that a dream? or may be those are in another reality, another dimension.

  7. Anomalion…get a fricking editor. You had a great topic and mangled it with lazy writing.

  8. This is exactly what the show OA is about on Netflix. It’s pretty interesting!

    • This can’t be accurate in any way. When you dream, you have the ability to control the dream, if you’re able to realize you’re dreaming. You can suddenly change everything, regardless of physics.

      If we exist in a parallel universe, and we’re able to control the dream, it would stand to reason that they would also be able to do the same. Thus it means we’re not really in control of anything.

    • [citation needed]

  9. I think it’s like what the book “You Forever” says, we are experiencing outer body experiences and going into the astral.

  10. I think it’s like what the book “Forever You” says, we are experiencing outer body experiences and going into the astral.

  11. I write about this in my sf novel “Gram w filmie o Tobie”. Unfortunately it is written only in Polish language.

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