New theory suggests that we travel to Parallel Universes when we dream

We have long been fascinated by the concept of dreaming and what they may reveal. With many different theories ranging from psychic glimpses into our future to a glimpse at our innermost thought and desires, scientists are more interested than ever in understanding this phenomenon.

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Every night, humans have an average of 6-10 dreams. A few minutes after being awoken, these dreams are usually forgotten. However, what if there’s actual meaning to dreams that would make them more lucrative to remember?

Have you ever experienced a dream that was so real and life-like that you felt like you were literally there in the moment? You can feel the breeze on your face, smell the fresh cut grass or taste the food that touched your lips.

These realistic dreams feel like much more than just a creation of our imagination. A new science-based theory might actually reveal this to be true…

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Modern science, as well as Native American tribes and Mexican nations, believe that we, or at least our brains visit a “parallel universe” when we dream. This would explain why humans can dream in color, and can senses with all five feelings what’s happening within the dream.

It all starts with the existence of the multiverse, the idea that our universe isn’t the only one out there, in fact, it is just one of many. Within each of these universes is a new reality, one that, while similar to our own, is altered in some way by the decisions that we’ve made.

This is a concept that scientists have entertained and explored for many years, however, a controversial 2010 study revealed evidence that there may actually be other universes in existence.

Consider the last major decision you made in your life. Maybe you moved to a new town for your dream job. In a parallel universe, another version of ‘you’ may exist that chose, instead, to stay in your hometown and pass on the job.

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This one change in your narrative then creates a ripple effect, changing every area of your life from that moment on.

If you have ever dreamt of your life, but it appeared a little different – maybe you were living in a different house or a different town, you were working a different job, or you find yourself involved with a different partner.

What you may actually be experiencing at that moment is a glimpse at your life in a parallel universe. The dream itself feels SO real as if you’re actually standing there, because it, in fact, is real – just in an alternate world. This is the life that the alternate you has created.

People often have a recurring dream about a place they never visited, or even heard of. Perhaps such dreams are glimpses from what one experienced in a parallel Universe.

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Sometimes people dream about events that have not yet happen but will take place in the future. Such dreams could also be incoming images from an alternate world where you are living a different life.

Who knows, perhaps some of our most special dreams are a window into a parallel universe. This is of course pure speculation, but without speculation and scientific curiosity we will never be able to learn more about the secrets of the Universe and our reality.

So, can some of our dreams be glimpses of events taking place in an alternate reality, a parallel Universe?

If our dreams are, in fact, a glimpse into an alternate life, can we use them to explore these worlds? Are we no longer limited to just our own universe? Much further study is required, but this may be the start of some incredible discoveries in the future.

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Jake Carter

Jake Carter is a researcher and a prolific writer who has been fascinated by science and the unexplained since childhood.

He is not afraid to challenge the official narratives and expose the cover-ups and lies that keep us in the dark. He is always eager to share his findings and insights with the readers of, a website he created in 2013.


  1. This is a really interesting concept. Thank you for sharing it.
    Everything that you have described has happened to me: from falling asleep and waking up in China (I believe) on a cold, wet night. In the dark on the street and going up to my apartment. To visiting a house I have never been to, except in my dreams, and while awake, I knew every room and space in that house. I had dreamed about it at one point.

    My dreams get so vivid that I understand the difference between my imagination, something that will happen to me, people passing away, or something that will Happen to someone else.

    It’s really uncomfortable, to be honest. Especially when people ask if the reality we all know quite well IS reality, if they’re dreaming.
    I feel like I’m still dreaming sometimes. I have the same sensations I would experience while I am asleep.
    Maybe I am given your explanation above.
    And maybe DMT is the gateway back somewhere to another reality where this reality feels like a dream.

  2. Having a daydream or a dream is one thing, believing you’re actually travelling somewhere is just nuts. Our mind is capable of creating unimaginable connections and things we may think we’ve never seen or heard of were captured by our minds unconsciously. That’s why many companies used subliminal message as marketing strategy (that has been deemed unethical for obvious reasons).
    Some people come with this romanticized argument that they have this recurring dream of this specific places they’ve never been to like it’s from a past life or another universe… but such place could be simply an image from a tv that was on when this person as a baby decades ago and they may have looked at the screen and registered it in their subconsciousness.
    Seriously, people like the idea of parallel universes cause we live in a shitty one but hey, there’s no escape, just try to do better and make things better for yourself and others on planet Earth, in the body you have and in the present time cause you won’t have another chance, this is the life you have and it’s gonna go fast!
    Also, people who actually believe they leave their body and are doing other things elsewhere and when they get back don’t remember what they did “here” might suffering from serious dissociative identity disorder and should seek medical help asap!

    • Hey I hear what you’re saying but I’ve had dreams where I’m in a different life, a different place, maybe a different planet it seems. And not just one but several different scenarios. I am 63 y/o but these different dreams/places/scenarios recur several years apart. In some of these dreams I’m with a spouse and this person is not someone I’ve ever met. And in some dreams in certain places it’s a spouse I have spent time with here. So I have to doubt what you’re saying is true.

    • Looks like you are definetly not brainy…to put it very delicately haha !

      And ‘third eye blind’ so far. But this materialistic, miserable point of view will get you nowhere, wait, will lead to only bigger frustration.

      There are many dimensions, parallel universes, “all the angels all the devils all around us can’t you see ?”
      Of course so far you cannot…

      “Don’t stay in the darkness’, try to get out to the light” Upanishad /Veda

    • You are just foolish gal, and better go to watch soap operas or “big” brother etc.

      This is a place for intelligent awakekning people, and you are just annoying muggle, Lolly !

  3. Its real ive been living in multiple places at once, everything here is similar lol you are not the only one everything seems to be mashing up together there is no birth n death just leaping

  4. Is this some kind of a joke? I just had a three-paragraph statement but it wouldn’t let me post it said I had already posted that and said all that. Is that a joke?

  5. I have full memories of living a different life than i am now. About four years ago four and a half years ago I even had someone call me that I did not know at all. But he said that we were lovers, but I don’t know him by his picture. But my soul recognizes his voice. He told me memories of myself that only me and one other person would have known. And I believed it was someone else cuz I have the memories, but he says it was him. And of course it has to be. I don’t know how to explain it. And I was only allowed to talk to that man a few times within a year’s time. To this day now I can’t seem to get ahold of him or talk to him ever again. It’s like the universe allowed us to talk to one another. It was a rough time in my life but I made it through it. But I still don’t know how to explain my reality now, my reality then. And what does that even mean? I just know that last time or in Another Universe parallel to this one oh, I don’t have children and I don’t have a face tattoo like I have now. I sure wish I could meet people that are like me cuz I feel very alone.

    • That is an amazing story. I think your story is so beautiful. I hope you get an opportunity to speak with him again.

      I married someone who I can feel. We have telepathic relationship. I even tested it by imagining my mother’s and my granny’s birthdays and he read them without hesitation. Without one mistake.
      I feel like we were two sides of the same person in another life. Our connection is so odd.

  6. Some of my dreams have so much detail that it’s like actually being someplace else, it get’s so real I even can smell certain things like plants and even sea breezes and I don’t live near any water. I remember with detailed clarity buildings and places of past places I was at decades ago sometimes takes awhile to realize I was dreaming, had this my whole life.

    • I feel the same way. It feels like I’m dreaming. Almost an Inception feel and quality. I wish I could wake up because this is not the look…

  7. I have in the past experienced something similar to what this article talks about. I think somehow I’ve been stranded here. It’s similar but different. I remember things that happened to me that family members say didnt happen or happened differently. I really had thought I was going mad until one day I was visiting with my mother, and we got onto the topic of bad accidents we had in childhood. I mentioned being hit in the face by a stick with a nail in it. It was an accident no doubt, but man, I remember looking down at my wet, warm hands , and discovering they were covered in blood and it was literally pouring out of my face. I couldn’t tell where from not that it would’ve mattered, as I lost consciousness and awoke to my mother being terribly upset at the boy who had broken the stick on a light pole resulting in the half of the stick with the nail in it hitting me in the nose and cheek. This is a very very vivid memory for me, however my mother swears that it didnt happen that way. She says I was struck in the back of my head with a rock, and that I got 12 stitches. The thing is, I have the scar on my nose and cheek, and a nose that was very obviously broken at some point in life. Not a scratch or scar on the back of my head though. My mother was so sure that she was correct in her memory of the event that she became very confused and honestly a bit weirded out. Especially when I told her about the dream I had one night and how it somehow brought me to this parallel universe. I can only assume the me that was here is now where I was messing my life up as I’ve undoubtedly messed up his.

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