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New secret base discovered near AREA 51

UFO researcher Scott Waring has discovered a new secret structure in Nevada, located about 50 km from AREA 51.

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It is suspected that this base, hidden in the mountains of Nevada, at the Onada Reservoir, located in Pine Creek. The secret services can conduct research in the field of genetics. But this is just a guess, and let’s see why.

Here’s what Scott said: “I was looking at the map and I was looking at Area 51 when I noticed a new building on the map. This new facility appears to be a newly built secret base.

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“At one end of the base, there are huge vents to let fresh air into the underground facility. Then you can also see two green fields with some buildings located near the base.”

“It looks like this field can be used for genetic research. Do they change plant genetics for unknown reasons? This worries me… because if they are doing genetic research… then why do they need an underground research base? Unless it includes other research that could endanger the public.”

What secrets do you think this facility near AREA 51 might hold?

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