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New Peruvian “alien” mummies may be sent to the U.S. for verification

The debate continues on the internet regarding the controversial Peruvian mummies, which some declare as fakes while others claim they are the genuine remains of extraterrestrial beings.

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These mummies were discovered several years ago in an unnamed Peruvian cave. Some resemble small humanoids with oval skulls, large eyes, and thin limbs, while others appear larger with more human-like bodies.

In September 2023, Mexican ufologist Jaime Maussan made history by presenting these strange mummies to the Mexican Congress, sparking a wave of renewed interest.

According to Maussan, the research team studying these “alien” bodies found that approximately 30% of their genetic makeup is unknown and possibly extraterrestrial.

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Dating techniques indicated the mummies are about 1,000 years old. The group also presented X-rays and scans showing the mummies had skeletal bones, not mere rags and wires, although these findings have puzzled many experts.

Some critics argue that the mummies might be assembled from the bones of different humans or animals, either by modern hoaxers or ancient Peruvian Indians for ritual purposes.

Recently, two new mummies, allegedly from the same cave, were introduced to the public. Only a couple of photos are available so far. One depicts a seated humanoid creature with a large rounded skull, and the other shows a similar creature with an elongated skull.

Both mummies have three fingers and toes, consistent with the earlier remains, and X-rays reveal three-fingered hands.

Thus far, Maussan and his research partners report that they have had X-rays (above), DNA, and other laboratory examinations conducted on one of the apparently mummified bodies, filmed in collaboration with scientists from the United States on location in Mexico and Peru.
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Maussan’s team continues to study both the new and previously discovered mummies despite increasing criticism.

Maussan is now suing the government of Peru both for damages and for the right to ship these mummy specimens to university researchers and other scientists in the United States for more thorough, independent third-party testing.

“The lawsuit is already in for $300 million,” Maussan told

“We are going to negotiate with Peru,” Maussan said, “to be allowed to export the samples to be done in America.”

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Additionally, specialists from Europe are expected to conduct more genetic analyses of the remains and intend to scrutinize each of the discovered mummies.

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