Bull mutilation

New mysterious case of “cattle mutilation” recorded in Oklahoma

Bull mutilationCattle continue to suffer injuries from an unknown force. Another case occurred on an American ranch, where several newborn calves were found without genitals and hearts

The incident took place at a ranch in Comanche County, Oklahoma. It is worth noting that murders have already taken place in this area, moreover, not so long ago. In June of this year, people found a cow with masterfully cut out organs.

According to County Sheriff Kenny Stradry, the incident is already under investigation by the police.

The animals were found by rancher Cody Kimmerman. The man was very surprised at how cruel everything was. The animals were found by rancher Cody Kimmerman.

The man was very surprised at how cruel everything was. And, again, everything looked like it was done by an experienced surgeon. The average person cannot carve out the eyes, heart and genitals so neatly.

Cody read a lot about such cases, but never thought that such a mystical story would happen to him.

As in previous cases, there is not a single evidence of blood at the scene of the incident. Because of this, the capture of criminals becomes impossible. The county sheriff urges residents to call him immediately if they spot suspicious people near the ranch. There is also a $ 2,500 reward if the suspects turn out to be the killers.

There are many users on the Internet who believe that aliens are doing this: they allegedly need biomaterial for their experiments and research. There is also a version of the Chupacabra. Which theory to believe in – everyone decides for himself. Locals are inclined to believe that a serial animal killer is roaming the area.

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