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New evidence of a possible Noah’s Ark remains on Mount Ararat

Back in 1957, on the Agrydag mountain range (aka Ararat) in Turkey, a pilot photographed a strange object that looked like the remains of a huge ship.

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With the light hand of the American Ron Wyatt, who saw this photo in a magazine, rumors immediately began to spread that the famous Noah’s Ark had finally been found.

Later, however, experts analyzed the Ararat anomaly and came to the conclusion that these were not the remains of the wooden ship of the biblical righteous man, but simply a natural formation of stones and clay.

Wyatt categorically disagreed with this conclusion, but the journalists unanimously insisted that the Ararat sensation turned out to be nothing and disappointed lovers of secrets and mysteries lost interest in the Ararat anomaly.

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But perhaps Wyatt was right after all and these are indeed the remains of Noah’s Ark. In any case, this is what the Turkish team of researchers cautiously suggests, which in 2021 began to carefully study the Ararat site.

They also collected 30 samples of soil and stones from the site, found traces of human activity in them, and used them to date this anomaly between 5500 and 3000 BC.

And this is suspiciously consistent with the texts of the Bible, which indicate that the Great Flood happened 5 thousand years ago.

In fact, this is a very deserted mountain slope, where there are no human settlements anywhere near, and suddenly about 5 thousand years ago, no earlier or no later, “traces of human activity” appeared in the area of ​​ship-like ruins.

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True, scientists immediately stated that based on the results obtained it was impossible to say that these were in fact the remains of the Ark. And that further and broader research is needed.

An interesting detail: some “marine materials” were also found in samples from the site, possibly indicating that there was indeed a great flood in these places in ancient times.

The Bible says that God was angry with people and caused a 150-day flood on Earth, which destroyed all life except Noah’s family and those animals that Noah collected on God’s orders on a huge ark ship.

After the water subsided, the ark landed on Mount Ararat, people and animals left it, and the ark presumably remained in the same place.

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The Bible gives the dimensions of the ark as follows: 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide and 30 cubits high. The length of a cubit is now interpreted in different ways, but the most common version converts biblical cubits into meters so that the length of the ark is 134 meters, the width is 22 meters and the height is 14 meters. Not enough, of course, for all animals, but that’s not what we’re talking about now.

The fact is that the length of the Ararat anomaly only slightly exceeds the biblical one and is equal to 157 meters. Not such a big error.

Unfortunately, since tourists began to come en masse to look at the Ararat “ark”, the supposed remains of the ark began to become covered with cracks and in the future they may be in danger of severe destruction.

The research was published by the Turkish-language newspaper, Hurriyet.

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