Neil deGrasse Tyson: ‘Non-human biologics’ might not mean alien entities

In recent months, there has been a significant amount of discussion and numerous conspiracy theories surrounding the existence of alien life and the presence of UFOs.

These theories gained traction when former U.S. Intelligence officer David Grusch made a statement to NewsNation in June, affirming the reality of alien life and claiming that the U.S. government possesses crashed alien spacecraft.

According to Grusch, some of these spacecraft even contained the remains of deceased pilots.

In July, Grusch, along with two other whistleblowers, provided testimony during a Congressional hearing focused on the actualities and potential risks associated with these UFOs, which the officials referred to as UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena).

In addition to witness accounts of direct encounters with alleged alien craft, Grusch reaffirmed his claim about the existence of alien life, this time under oath.

“As I’ve stated publicly already, biologics came with some of these recoveries,” he said, adding that these biologics were “non-human, and that was the assessment of people with direct knowledge on the program I talked to.”

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson was quick to emphasize that the phrase “non-human biologics,” similar to “unidentified aerial phenomena,” is intentionally broad.

He argued that the term does not necessarily imply the existence of extraterrestrial life, reports

“What would non-human biologics be? All I did was look at the kingdoms of life here on Earth. You have the plant kingdom, you have the animal kingdom, the microbial kingdom, the fungal kingdom,” Tyson said.

“Let’s add them all together and subtract from it humans. Everything that remains is non-human biologic.

“I don’t know what they got squirreled away, but if it’s non-human biologics, it could be anything on Earth.”

During their testimony, the whistleblowers shared remarkable accounts of witnessing craft that remained completely stationary even in the midst of category-four hurricane winds, only to suddenly accelerate to supersonic speeds. They described the technology behind these craft as nothing short of “incredible.”

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