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Near death journey challenged an atheist’s belief system

There are many unanswered questions in life – the essence of life, existence beyond our planet, and what lies ahead after death. These mysteries have perplexed brilliant minds worldwide, with divergent beliefs about the afterlife.

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While some strongly believe in heaven and hell or reincarnation, others deny the existence of an afterlife, proclaiming that we simply cease to exist. However, one man’s encounter during a near-death experience challenges this disbelief, reports

Jose Hernandez, an avowed atheist, shares how a life-altering incident transformed his perspective. Speaking to the YouTube channel Shaman Oaks, Hernandez recounts his extraordinary journey that began with a routine work assignment as an engineer.

Hernandez’s near-death experience occurred while fixing an electrical issue from atop a bucket truck.

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“I was a staunch atheist. As an engineer, I focused solely on logical explanations,” he said.

“But that day, everything changed. We were running late, and my partner, concerned for my safety, inadvertently crashed our truck into a tree. The impact left me with multiple broken ribs, and I was rushed to the emergency room.”

At the hospital, Hernandez’s breathing ceased, and the medical staff fought desperately to save his life.

In that critical moment, he found himself contemplating God, making a promise, “If you get me through this, I’ll change.”

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It was then that he noticed a mysterious presence in the room.

“I saw a shadow standing by the door. At that point, I thought, ‘I’ve endured so much in life. Perhaps it’s fine to let go.’ And the moment the shadow touched my toe, an overwhelming sense of relief, calm, peace, and love engulfed me. It was euphoric.”

As medical professionals performed CPR on him, Hernandez claims that the shadow spoke to him.

“Next, I found myself suspended in the corner of the room, observing the resuscitation efforts.

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A voice beside me said, ‘Think of your body as a car. This vehicle has traveled 8 million miles, and there’s nothing more we can fix. It’s time to bid farewell to your body.’ The voice instructed me, ‘Okay, it’s time to move on.'”

Following this, Hernandez describes a descent into a black hole, where he experienced flying and witnessed mesmerizing cities, breathtaking forests, and wild herds of animals in motion.

In this celestial realm, he was assured that he would be able to see his children and, most significantly, he was reunited with his father.

“When I met my father on the other side, I realized that sometimes we may be unable to express certain things here, but elsewhere, we can.”

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Near-death experiences often share common elements, with many individuals reporting similar experiences during CPR.

While some interpret these encounters as evidence of consciousness beyond the physical realm, medical professionals offer a alternative explanation.

Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry William Revill, in an article in the Irish Times, argues that near-death experiences reflect brain activity during moments of oxygen deprivation and increased carbon dioxide levels.

He suggests that reports of a light at the end of a tunnel may be a result of falling oxygen levels in the retina, creating tunnel vision.

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In Jose Hernandez’s case, his near-death experience challenged his atheism and opened his eyes to the possibility of an afterlife.

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