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NASA probe captures a giant black square on Mercury

Some time ago, the NASA probe sent more images of Mercury, some of which attracted the attention of ufologists: in one photo a large black square was seen.

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The famous ufologist Scott Waring noticed the oddity. He was examining the photographs sent by the Messenger probe, when suddenly his attention was attracted by a symmetrical square measuring 5 by 5 kilometers. According to Scott, what he saw 100% proves that aliens are operating on Mercury.

Perhaps the square seen is a gateway to an underground base or to an ordinary space used as a shelter or warehouse. It is also possible that in the photo there are doors that lead to the underground. The entrance is wide enough for cargo spaceships to enter easily.

The space agency has not commented on Waring’s discovery. Scientists also do not know what it can be. One can only guess about the real origin of the object.

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It is worth noting that regular geometric shapes are quite common on Mercury. The black square is the second discovery. The first was done on 02/10/2012. Then they noticed a rectangle measuring 6 by 3 kilometers.

To this day, scientists have not figured out what the probe captured. As now, some are sure that the rectangle is the creation of aliens, while others have a completely opposite opinion.

If you analyze the location of the shadows around the rectangle, you can come to the conclusion that this is a monolithic object. In the case of the newly discovered square, this cannot be said.

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Discussions of the mysterious discovery continue.

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