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Cross galaxy

NASA Hubble Telescope finds amazing cross structure at centre of galaxy

Cross galaxyUfologists looking at the pictures taken by the Hubble Space Telescope unexpectedly stumbled upon something strange. The image was taken in June 1992 by a camera for observation in a wide range of waves on board the famous automatic observatory.

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A mysterious photo shows a nameless galaxy, located in 1100 light years from the solar system. It is amazing, but in its very center a certain dark X-shaped figure is clearly visible, resembling a cross or an anthropomorphic silhouette.

Because of this, many Christians on the Internet thought that we were facing a real religious sign, and some even called the distant galaxy “the gate to paradise”. Such commentators believe that this is the silhouette of a Savior crucified on a cross.

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Other are convinced: this is about the activities of representatives of extraterrestrial civilization, and, perhaps, Hubble captured an alien mega-structure of astronomical proportions 27 years ago.

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