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NASA astrophysicist spoke about ‘alien mummies’ in Mexico

Astrophysicist David Spergel, known for his research into cosmic phenomena, contributed to the discussion of the mysterious mummified creatures that were presented in the Mexican Parliament as part of a ufological press conference.

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These creatures, ufologists say, are aliens with three-fingered limbs found on the Nazca plateau in Peru.

Spergel, who participated in the preparation of NASA’s report on unidentified anomalous phenomena, answered questions from reporters at the agency’s press conference.

One of the journalists asked the astrophysicist whether NASA contacted the Mexican authorities in connection with these unusual finds and what importance should be attached to these creatures.

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Spergel noted that he only learned about the Mexican aliens from the Internet, and it takes experts to assess their authenticity. He compared the situation to the discovery of lunar soil samples, which were provided for research by scientists from around the world more than half a century ago.

“The same should be done in this case,” he emphasized. “If you have something strange, provide samples to the global scientific community and we will see what it is.”

Ufologist Jaime Maussan, who previously held a press conference in the Mexican Parliament, claims that the mummified aliens he demonstrated have DNA significantly different from humans, and that this proves their extraterrestrial origin. He also stated that the creatures were located on the Nazca plateau in Peru, living there for over a thousand years and laying eggs.

While scientists are skeptical of these claims, they insist on further research and providing samples for more detailed analysis. The Mexican authorities, according to information from ufologist Maussan, have allegedly already agreed to provide samples for research.

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Peru’s Minister of Culture, Leslie Urteagui, announced the opening of a criminal investigation into the removal from the country of “alien bodies” that were represented in the Mexican Parliament, reports Latina Noticias.

Leslie Urteagui questioned the authenticity of these finds. She noted that such “aliens” have been known since 2016, but not a single scientific organization in Peru has confirmed their extraterrestrial origin.

Moreover, after further investigation, it was found that the “aliens” presented by Maussan from Nazca were actually composed of skeletal remains belonging to the pre-Columbian era. In this regard, the Peruvian Ministry of Culture launched an investigation into the illegal export of these artifacts from the country.

Minister Urteagui stressed that the Ministry has now initiated criminal proceedings against persons associated with this scandalous case.

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She also added: “I am going to request information to establish exactly the details of what happened.”

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