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NASA: A potentially dangerous asteroid is flying to Earth

An asteroid is approaching our planet, which has been classified as potentially dangerous. Next month, the distance between the cosmic body and the Earth will be even less than the distance between our planet and the Moon, reports NASA.

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The asteroid, which was named 2011, reaches 49 meters in diameter. If we take into account the preliminary data obtained by NASA specialists, then the asteroid will be closest to our planet on September 1, 2020.

The distance will be one-fifth of that which is counted from the Earth to the Moon – 71,800 kilometers.

Today the asteroid is flying towards the Earth at a speed of about 30 thousand kilometers per hour. It is worth noting that NASA experts believe that even if an asteroid enters the atmosphere of our planet, due to its small diameter, it will not cause any harm to the planet and its inhabitants.

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The maximum threat is a fairly strong blast wave. It can have about the same power as during the incident in Chelyabinsk.

Then a meteor exploded over the city, the diameter of which was 20 meters. Because of this, the windows of many buildings were damaged, more than 1000 people were injured.

It is worth noting that such objects are of great interest to scientists, because with their help you can get a huge amount of new information about how the formation of the solar system took place almost 5 billion years ago.

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