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Mystery of the Antarctic pyramids: where did they come from?

Satellite images have unveiled pyramid-like structures on the southern ice continent, previously concealed beneath the once-assumed lifeless ice of the Ellsworth Mountains.

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According to Live Science, one of the most intriguing and controversial scientific revelations in recent years is connected to Antarctica. This continent harbors numerous secrets, many of which remain deeply embedded within its depths.

However, mysteries also persist on the continent’s surface. Recently, satellite imagery brought to light pyramid-shaped structures beneath the ice of the Ellsworth mountain range, sparking fervent discussions in both the scientific and pseudo-scientific communities.

The majority of scientists align with the explanation provided by geology professor Eric Rignot from the University of California and his associates. Rignot contends that this phenomenon is a consequence of natural geological processes.

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The occurrence of “pyramid peak mountains” is not unprecedented, albeit infrequent. These peaks take shape when land glaciers converge on the peripheries of mountainous formations.

Similar formations exist in Iceland and the Faroe Islands, as noted by the specialist. While some of these “pyramids” in nature feature one or two more or less regular faces, there are also rare specimens with four planes.

However, the rational explanation fails to satisfy everyone. Enthusiasts of mystical and unexplained phenomena entertain their own theories.

Some immediately suspect the potential involvement of ancient alien civilizations. Adherents of the alien builder theory wonder who else, besides them, could construct such grandiose objects.

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