Mystery flashes and odd objects are observing worldwide in the sky

With the appearance of unidentified balloons over the territory of the United States, local residents look at the sky with great anxiety and are attentive to the phenomena and objects observed there.

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Sometimes these fears are greatly exaggerated, but sometimes very strange things really happen in the atmosphere.

On the eve, the inhabitants of Michigan observed very startling outbreaks:

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There is no light source below, and it is not clear what is blinking there. Moreover, something is flashing in Nebraska, where in flashes similar to lightning, people saw something resembling a UFO:

Every time the officials come up with an explanation about greenhouses, lightning, explosions of transformers and so on. True, why transformers explode yellow or why greenhouses fly high in the sky, no one ever specifies.

It is interesting that in the sky people all over the world see not only bright flashes, but also those who possibly create them.

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Previously, in order to see a mysterious light in the sky and make a film about it, people sat for days in the bushes near Area 51, but now it’s enough to go out at night to smoke on the balcony – and there will be a whole sci-fi in the sky.

Mystery flashes in the sky are mysterious bursts of light that are often seen in the night sky. They can appear in various colors, including white, blue, green, and red.

Many theories exist about what causes these flashes, including military exercises, meteor showers, and UFOs. They have been reported all around the world, and often remain unexplained.

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Without sources at NASA, and even more so without scouts at the alien camp, we certainly have no idea what is going on there. But some researchers hint that someone is definitely preparing something big.

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