Mysterious white flying object caught on camera near lava fields in Iceland

The object looks like a small white ball with a long “tail”. It randomly and smoothly moves very low above the solidified lava, and gradually rises up.

The object was filmed by an online camera installed near the Meradel lava field on the Reykjanes peninsula in Iceland and spotted by a casual observer.

When he posted the video on social media, the video quickly went viral. The UFO flies higher and higher above the lava with each turn, and then disappears somewhere.

This is a magnified fragment of a low-quality recording from a monitor screen, so the details are hard to discern.

What it is, no one can understand yet. This is clearly not a bird or an animal, and it does not look like a typical UFO.

Among the various hypotheses, the one that involves a plasma clot seems especially plausible. Since this is an area of ​​volcanic activity, that is, an extreme environment, then, hypothetically, something similar could have arisen there.

A plasma clot is a term used to describe a spherical formation of plasma, which is a state of matter where atoms are ionized.

However, many point out that the object moves, although seemingly chaotically, but behaves like a “reasonable being”.

A closer look at the UAP over the lava field in Icelands Meradöl on the Reykjanes Península.
by u/MicroGigantism in HighStrangeness

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