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Mysterious “unidentified falling object” crashes into Phoenix house

In a strange turn of events, a Phoenix woman was left in disbelief after an unidentified object fell from the sky and crashed into the roof of her home.

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Lisa Sikorski, who was working from home at the time, described the incident as an earthquake. The strange phenomenon occurred Friday afternoon when Sikorski heard a series of loud bangs that lasted about 15 seconds.

Sikorski didn’t think much of the sounds at first, but only learned about the incident when a concerned neighbor sent her a photo of the damaged roof. “It looked like it was almost an impact zone and the shingles were flying around it,” Sikorski said.

“There are wood planks visible under our roof. So the impact was strong enough to move heavy shingles, but not to go through the wood, so that’s good.”

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Linking the strange sounds and damage to the roof, Sikorski believes that something from above was the cause of the mysterious phenomenon. However, despite a thorough inspection of her site, she was unable to find a single item that could explain what happened.

“I thought it was something that came from the sky,” she recalls. “But there is no sign of an unidentified falling object nearby. The only possibility is that it could still be somewhere on the roof.”

While Sikorski awaits the arrival of a repair company to assess the damage and possibly locate the object that caused the fall, various theories are being actively discussed on the Internet.

Some suggest that a piece of ice could have fallen from the plane and subsequently melted, others say that a drone may be to blame. It is not surprising that there are those who admit the idea that aliens are involved in this.

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Dr Catherine Collins, an astrophysicist at the University of Arizona, weighed in on the matter: “It is not uncommon for objects to fall from the sky, but it is unusual for them to leave no trace behind.

However, we must consider that the object may be small, light or “made of a material that is difficult to detect. It is also possible that it disintegrated when dropped, leaving no trace behind.”

There have been many reports throughout history of objects falling from the sky, some of which have been solved, while others remain unsolved mysteries.

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As for Lisa Sikorski, she is eagerly awaiting answers and hopes that the renovation company will shed light on the mysterious object.

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