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Mysterious underwater light intrigues oil platform workers in Brazil

A mysterious light emerging from the sea floor has intrigued workers on an oil platform in the Campos Basin, located between Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo. The phenomenon, recorded on video, went viral on social media, generating numerous speculations and theories.

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The video, filmed by one of the workers, shows an intense glow in the water as they discuss its possible origin, reports

“The sun has set on the other side,” comments one worker, emphasizing that there should be no light in that region. The scene has sparked heated debates online, with many trying to explain the occurrence.

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Several theories have emerged on social media. Some people suggested the light could be from a submarine, a plausible hypothesis given the submarine operations in the region. Other internet users joked about the situation, with comments such as “electric fish meeting” and “Bikini Bottom party.”

The Campos Basin is one of Brazil’s main oil exploration regions, responsible for about 30% of the country’s oil production and 14% of its natural gas.

Located on the north coast of Rio de Janeiro, extending to the south of Espírito Santo, the basin has more than 40 discovered oil fields, including giant fields like Marlim and Roncador.

The mysterious light could have various origins, from marine bioluminescent phenomena to human activities. In oil exploration areas, the presence of submarines and other underwater operations that can generate intense lights is common.

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However, without detailed analysis and official investigations, the true cause of the light remains unknown.

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