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Mysterious UFO found on a small island in Antarctica

On the coast of Two Hills Island near Modev Peak, researchers, using Google Maps, discovered a structure that resembles an alien spaceship.

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Considering the growing interest in extraterrestrial topics, users on the popular online forum Reddit decided to support this discussion and share insights about the peculiar finding.

The proposed spacecraft bears a striking resemblance to the conventional depiction in science fiction: spherical in shape, featuring a broad metal edge, with dimensions estimated to be around 12 meters in diameter.

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One anomalous aspect of the object is its positioning. Typically, ice formations along island shores exhibit different shapes due to wave exposure. However, the suggested spacecraft is lying on its side in an area relatively unaffected by water.

The debate surrounding the object’s origin was further fueled by Eric Hecker, who claimed to have encountered “powerful machines” during his time in Antarctica and asserted contact with alien ships from distant outer space.

It’s worth noting that Hecker, during his tenure at Raytheon Technologies Corporation, spoke about technologies that are challenging for contemporary individuals to comprehend.

According to him, directed energy weapon technologies and neutrino detection systems at the South Pole station might possess unconventional functions and connections with extraterrestrial objects.

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