Mysterious Small Non-Human Creature Found in Azerbaijan

Footage of an unidentified creature caught in the former Soviet Republic Of Azerbaijan has gone widespread around social media.

The odd creature is shocking in appearance with an very hairy body, a monkey like a face and humanoid hands. In the clip, the creature seems to be lying down and occasionally blinks. Later in the clip, the creature seems to be roaming around the room.

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Youtube comments have claimed that the animals are actually a monkey, while others are convinced it’s an Alien non-human creature.

While those looking for a quick answer say it’s a monkey dressed in a little ape costume, that seems too easy. The black fingernailed hands seem too big for the small creature to be a monkey.

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One comment

  1. If it looks, walks and sounds like a primate in a wig – it’s a primate in a wig.

    Oh and it’s a primate in a wig. Looks much like a young black and white snub nose monkey but I’m not pegging it as that… Yet

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