Mysterious “shapeshifter” caught on surveillance camera in Mexico

A strange incident captured on CCTV (see video below) in Mexico has raised eyebrows as the video shows the mysterious transformation of what first looked like an animal into a humanoid figure. An unusual event occurred in the city of Nava.

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The video footage shows a man entering the garage while his dog wanders around.

Suddenly, the dog smelled something at the garage door, and the camera filmed a strange four-legged creature that actually materialized there. Then, this creature transformed – it shrank and turned into a completely different creature.

The man doesn’t seem to see the creature, but he notices the dog’s reaction. He walks to the garage door, looks visibly alarmed, and hurries into the house through a side door. During his absence, the creature turns into a human and leaves.

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When the man returned with his wife, the mysterious creature had disappeared.

This paranormal activity has sparked much speculation, with some believing the creature could be a werewolf called a nahual.

Although stories about werewolves – creatures with the ability to undergo physical transformation through unnatural means – are generally considered myths, one might wonder how fine the line is between myth and a possible personal encounter with supernatural beings.

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While it is possible to assume that this creature with the ability to transform could be extraterrestrial, it is important to note that it is not an incorporeal spirit. In the video, it is noticeable that this creature, at some point after the transformation, began to cast a shadow.

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